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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by alot2lurn, Sep 30, 2006.

  1. alot2lurn

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    What do most of you do about lawn furniture,garden hoses,toys etc.?It really chaps my a55 when I have to make a couple passes to clear a place to set the stuff then move it then move it back.If it's a chair or two thats not a big deal but sometimes 2 or 3 picnic tables and as many as a dozen chairs sometimes wrought iron sometimes glass tops.I'm not lazy usually lol, but I'm there to mow grass not move furniture somtimes the tables are heavy enough for two men (I work alone)sometimes they 're poorly constructed or in poor shape or made of fragile materials (wicker,glass)I guess I'm liable if I break one of the damned things.Somtimes I leave them set and just trim under and around them but that does'nt look as good and depending on what it's made of not a good idea.Just wondering what most of you do.
  2. QualityLawnCare4u

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    If it just an occasional hose or toy I will move it but I will not move lawn furniture,trampolines or numerous items. My clients are told this up front.
  3. General Landscaping

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    For hoses, it depends on the day; sometimes just mow over with the deck high, sometimes coil the hose on the holder..... but start with the free end and coil the rest of the hose over it. One customer had the nerve to call complaining about the way I coiled the hose:cry: I asked her to leave a picture drawing showing the correct way to coil it, in a baggie, posted by the hose spigot; so that my "guys" could understand it and it wouldn't get lost. The instructions never appeared and the hose was alway put up after that:)

    I can deal with a couple plastic chairs or something that can be moved without leaving the seat. Sounds like you have some real winners there.:hammerhead:
    Try moving stuff onto the driveway so they have to re-move it to pull in.
  4. davidcalhoun

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    one option - Bid/charge more. It's always more fun to mow a property that you have factored in the cost for stuff like this.

    Another option - Inform them that you don't move stuff left in the yard. That if it's left in the yard, you will just mow around it. Once it happens, they can't say that they were not informed of this practice.
  5. Rons Rightway Lawncare

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    I bitched to a customer this past tuesday who ALWAYS leaves his hose just layed across his back yard. Usually I just grab it and just pile it in a pile - not coiled up neatly at all - near the spigot. Sometimes I would unscrew it and take the hose up to one of the landscape beds on the other side of the lawn, hoping that would give the customer a clue.

    finally this past tuesday as I was aerating his lawn I finally broke down and asked him would he mind if I bought him a hose reel and added it to the bill for that hose in the back yard......... He laughs and says yeah I bet that hose is a pain in the A$$ to move around! I am thinking....No crap!!!! So all this time he just left it there knowing it was a pain in my butt and that I would just move it.

    Another customer on the same day - I must have been having a fed up with hoses day tuesday! - who always leaves her hose ran across the lawn so she can hand water her flowers, and she always leaves the hose on so it is heavy and full of water - not to mention it drips from the end so the lawn is always soggy near where the end of the hose was laying - So I rang the bell and told her she needs to start picking up the hose or else I will just mow around it. She said she was sorry and she would move it from now on. Next time I see it in the lawn I will most likely run it over on purpose.....
  6. metro36

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    I ask for all this kind of stuff to be removed for the lawn. If there is stuff on the lawn I mow around it. If there is a hose on the lawn I mow over it. If there is poo I dont mow period.
  7. Precision

    Precision LawnSite Silver Member
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    $10 per cut annoyance fee.

    I have threatened that with my worst offenders and it usually cures them after one enforcement.
  8. rodfather

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    only 10 bucks my friend? that is kind of you...
  9. Idealtim

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    I move adorondak chairs or smaller, anything else starts to look like a jungle in a few weeks and they get the point.
  10. topsites

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    Don't know what to say about those yards that everytime you go out it's like a WWII minefield, I hate those...

    But for the usual stuff here are some tricks I learned over the years:

    - For furniture, I learned the migrating furniture trick: First cut a good size area to the side of wherever the furniture is, then move the furniture to the cut portion and keep on getting it and forget about it... This prevents me from having to move it twice / visit. The next time out, cut with the mower where the furniture was the first time, and move it back. This actually also helps keep the grass from dying underneath it, as a bonus.

    - For hoses, I don't roll them up neatly anymore (I used to but waste of time). Simply grab the very end of it and bring it back in so that now it's like folded in half. Go back out and grab the loop where it folded and bring that back, now it's in 1/4th's - Do this 3-4 times and blam, hose in a bit of a pile but it's out of the way.

    - Toys, same basic principles as above, quick and dirty, if they won't break, toss them all into a small pile or whatever, grab and drop, boom-boom-boom...

    Don't gotta be the neatest about it, just get it outta the way.

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