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Lawn Grips

WJW Lawn

LawnSite Bronze Member
Hey...does anybody own a pair of Lawn Grips?? Are they any good?


LawnSite Member
I just bought a pair and tried them yesterday for the first time.

I'm not thrilled with them. I bought the lace up semi-hi tops.

1. The shoe part (leather) is not as supportive as I like, kinda more like a sneaker than a boot. I really had to lace them tight to get them to feel snug.
2. Made in China.
3. Pricey for what you get. About $100.

They replaced a pair of Redwings ($150) which I wore for 7 years.
WJW Lawn

WJW Lawn

LawnSite Bronze Member
Liked the Redwings better? Thanks for the opinion!!


LawnSite Silver Member
S.I., NY
I've been wearing them for about 2 months now.

They are perfect for lawncare, i really like them.

I ordered the hook and loop closure ones, but they sent me the lace-up ones by accident. i wound up just keeping them, didn't want to deal with the headaches, etc.

some good features, from a 2month opinion.
the material inside, is really comfortable. feels similar to water shoes, if that makes sense.
they are light. If your looking for a clunky boot, these aren't for you. I do switch to my timberalnds when i know i'm doing some hard shoveling, stuff like that. Not that the lawngrips couldn't handle it, just don't want to beat them up so much if i don't have to.
the design of the tread. Laugh if you will, its got wider grooves. step in something...:rolleyes: , and it easily washes clean with hose, or puddle.

with all my boots... the ankle down gets beat up, while the top that is protected by my pants stays new looking. The lawngrips have a rubber front wrap around, which is durable and easy to wipe clean. so the parts that are seeing the most action stay newer looking.

I love them. wish i had the hook and loop closure though. Sometimes i have to go into a customers house, to talk, get paid, whatever.... the quick on and off i was hoping for.

funny thing, after taking them off and switching to timbs... you really feel the weight difference.

ProCut Lawn Care

LawnSite Member
I bought the 6" lace up and love the weight difference froma heavy leather boot. The stitching on the left toe started coming unraveled after about 4 weeks of wearing 1-2 days a week. I callled and they told me to send them back and they are sending me a new pair. Awesome service, And very comfortable fit. I'm going to get a second pair just to keep nice and clean to wear on proposals with the Ping golf shirts or just as an every day boot, they are that comfortable!


LawnSite Senior Member
I've got the hook and loop closure model with steel toes and have used them since Expo 2006 last fall. Very light and super comfortable. I'll buy again when these wear out...............Lynn


LawnSite Senior Member
Fruita, colorado
I've had the high top lace ups since December. No break in period and real comfortable and light. Wouldn't want them for a lot of shovel work but they are very good for maintenance operations.