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lawn grubs

barbara vorobel

LawnSite Member
germantown, wi
i have been fighting lawn grubs for two years now. my question is; where the grub damage is (grass browned out and laying on its side) do i need to dig this area up completely and re seed or will it green up again in spring?


LawnSite Fanatic
Flint, Michigan
It's gone...dead. Plant seed if you want grass there. Leave it like it is if you just want weeds and crabgrass. Now's the time. Seed, starter fertilizer, and KEEP IT WATERED.


LawnSite Bronze Member
northeast ohio
i have grub damage on about 20 lawns. now that they've all been treated its time to rip out all the dead and replace it. remove the dead,m top soil if needed seed, starter, straw, collect.