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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by PLUCKY, Mar 13, 2007.


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    Lighting is not where I shine and I am looking for a local contractor in OKlahoma city vacinity to light my landscape anyone out there.
  2. NightScenes

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    In Oklahoma you can contact John Meadors with MGM Inc. His # is 918-298-5483. If he can't help you, he might know someone who can.

    Good luck,
  3. High Performance Lighting

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    John is a good guy and has had some very interesting life experiences. Ask him for a copy of his book. He fell out of a tree installing lighting about 5 yrs ago and was lying there paralyzed for hours before someone discovered him. After a long and painful rehabilitation he has recovered almost 100%. John is once again back in the saddle.
  4. Eden Lights

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    Thanks for this post, it will keep me safer for at least the next couple of months. It reminds me of a big tree I was doing in Dec. As I asked my wife to send up a couple of screws, she said " Hold on just a mintue, I am on the phone upping your life insurance" True story!
  5. High Performance Lighting

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    You like that one for being safe how about this one. A few months ago a contractor was working alone on a huge waterfall that spilled into a pool. This guy was well known in so cal for making these kinds of creations, nobody was home and the pool was supposedly empty. he never came home that night and his wife didn't know where he was working so he went missing for a few days until his client's came back from out of town and found him in the deep end of the empty pool dead. Probably fell and broke his head. I know another guy who was working on Babyface's retractable tv at the foot of his bed. He was under the thing when the hydraulics failed and pinned him for 20 minutes. It took 4 guys to free him. Hurt him bad but could have been worse.
    About 4 years ago I went to meet a prospect for a design consultation. I was doing my thing in the backyard and there were masons there putting flagstone around the pool deck. I look up and I see one of them go s%&# face down in the deep end of the empty pool. I thought this guy was dead. He was unresponsive but quivering like a bowl of jello all over the place with blood pouring out of his face or head. We called the paramedics and it turned out he had been drinking on the job all day and was either drunk and took a header or had a seizure and did a swan dive without water or even arms extended to break his fall. Anyway pretty scary stuff.
  6. Pro-Scapes

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    Jobsite saftey is no joke.

    Last year my brother in law bought a new house and had yet to get a mower. We went over one day and took one of our commercial toro ZTRS for him to cut his lawn. He had experience in property maint and commercial scag units but he still is NOT the brightest crayon in the box. I told him VERY firmly keep that chute pointed AWAY from the house.

    Next thing you know he is mowing about 15 ft out from the house on a slight hill... Chutes pointed up the hill directly at the house. Bunch of us were sitting at the table. Rock comes flying thru a window about a ft above his 4 yr old sons head at about mach 3. A bit lower and his son would either be hurt... dead or brain damaged.

    2 years ago I was working on an acct and some guys put a ditch witch thru a gas line. They never called for a locate and the gas line probably wasnt deep enough. It didnt blow but was bad enough we high tailed it out.

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