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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by j9sheldon, Apr 14, 2004.

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    Hey all,

    Just wanted to know if, for Spring, I should use an overthecounter fertilizer(Scott's, etc.) or should I just put about 2 inches of compost over the lawn. I ask this b/c a master gardener( a program here) told not to bother with fert and just spread compost, and do I water it in or let it set? I am in Austin, Tx if it makes a difference.

    thanks in advance,
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    Fertilizer or 2 inches of compost over the lawn?

    What are you trying to get done?

    Reseeding, Fertilized lawn or both?

    Dumping two inches of compast over the yard will do nothing for the growth. You need to start where all plants begin. At the roots.

    If I were to going to go that far and dump that much compost on a lawn. I would do it right.

    Take a Core Aerator (can be rented) and run it over the lawn.
    Apply some compost.
    Rake the compost over the lawn filling the holes left by the aerator.
    Water the lawn.

    Your lawns roots will now be able to get what it needs for a healthy life.

    Air, Water and food.

    Two inches of Compost. Have or do the job correctly if not just buy some otc fertilizer.
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    Poolboy, he did not ask about weed killer etc.

    I would try to get down at least 3/4 pound of actual nitrigen per 1000 sq. ft no matter what your source is, if the compost does not have that I would add it.

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