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Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by oviedo, Mar 28, 2012.

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    OK, in the process of doing some yard killing. I have a bottle of the commercial round-up I got at the local DIY Lawn store. A couple of things I would add:

    1. Not a commercial business but found this site. However if I get good at this who knows. If you are restricted to service providers I'll politely exit
    2. The local shop felt that with my yard size (1.25 acres, though not sure how much is grass) that Bahai might be the best way to go. I can't do sod right now we are strapped, we bought the house and then my wife has breast cancer (recovering) but shelling out a lot for that. They were pretty sure that seeding would help.
    3. I do have a well and can water.

    They seemed to be pretty knowledgeable in their said the choice will likely be Argentine Vs. Pensacola. I am not sure which one at this point.

    I am using commercial roundup whatever that's called to spray and kill weeds. My dog was getting these things stuck all over him all winter.

    Plan to purchase a lawn sweep as I have a lot of trees. Also previous owner created very little barriers and grass is running right up to the trees. Grrr. What else. It appears to be unkempt St. Augustine (purchased the house late last summer).

    Am I on the wrong path here? Pensacola grow in northeast Orlando?
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    Pensacola. Go to BWI in Apopka it will be pretty cheap seed compared to your ace hardware you're going to now or whatever. Argentine is way expensive at least last year it was. Personally, I'd till the whole yard with a tow behind tiller level and then seed in the bahia. If you're just looking for coverage mow it real short right down to the dirt and spread in the bahia. Work in sections unless you have a full irrigation system you will be running around the yard all day to keep it moist.
  3. oviedo

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    Thanks, I've been using this Do-it-Yourself lawn and pest control here in Oviedo. Pretty happy with them so far, seem to be real straight shooters. It's funny though the first time I strapped that 4 gallon sprayer to my back I was like "oh, this is heavy".

    I haven't purchased the seed yet they recommended a 100 lb. bag. While I have full irrigation with a well, I am not sure how perfect the coverage is. Might be ahead to get someone to check it out first.

    That is a lot of yard to till they seemed to think that overseeding would work, but I would think that the seed has a better chance of hitting dirt if you tilled.
  4. unkownfl

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    If you go with the Pensacola it will self seed itself if you get a decent germination rate. How much did they get you for the round-up?

    I wouldn't think the seed would cost more than 100 bucks for a 100lbs.
  5. oviedo

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    What is the name of the granulated Round up that you mix up? I think it was $100 even for the big jug. I'll price check the seed it's pretty much a commodity item, if it's that much cheaper in Apopka I can make the drive but it's quite a haul since there aren't any freeways.
  6. unkownfl

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    100 a jug for quikpro is pretty steep. I would just buy some generic round up at tractor supply for like 40 bucks. It's a liquid but its 40% so it will make around 150 gallons if I remember right.
  7. Ric

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    Please re-frame from giving advice about things you have no real knowledge of. You are giving this guy very bad advice.


    First important fact is what type of soil you have. pH is very important with Bahia varieties. Your local County extension agent can best help you and will have a general idea of you soil. Bahia likes an acid soil and does well in it. Alkaline soil Bahia does poorly

    If your soil is acidic Go with Argentine NOT Pensacola. The reasons are many but let us start with Seed Heads. Pensacola will shoot up seed heads 12 inch tall 3 days after it is cut certain times of the year. Pensacola is a Clumping Grass while Argentine is not. Argentine has more plants or blades of Grass per sq inch and is a more uniform turf compared to Pensacola which is a Pasture Grass. Argentine has a thinner blade and is Better looking. Both are Drought Tolerant and will green up with the first spring rain. But Argentine will have a greener color compared to Pensacola. Argentine Bahia is Residential turf while Pensacola Bahia is Cow food.

  8. unkownfl

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    Ric, I guess you don't like to read....
    Pensacola is 5 times cheaper than Argentine. Pensacola is 10 times easier to grow, and will grow in just about any soil condition compared to Argentine. It's all in its name. Argentine is nice but it's just way to expensive. Also, the Pensacola will self seed itself over time faster than Argentine. If you actually look at the grass itself it is just about identical. I have never seen these "clumps" you speak of. Yes, you will have to mow it more often. May I add we are further north than ric we get less rain and I'm sure his yard has Oaks all over it.
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    Oviedo, here is a link to compare the two that I found to be fair below. There is a list of its sources. Not to take anything from Ric he knows his stuff and he's not wrong on the better turf is the Argentine for looks. I just feel Pensacola would probably be a better choice for you with your current funds, conditions, and prep work.
  10. Landscape Poet

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    I am also in Oviedo. Couple things. I am assuming you are using Do It Yourself Pest Control on 419/Broadway. Rebecca and Matt are very helpful to home owners and will be a good resource to help you along the way. I will advise you that with their products - you will be paying way above market rate for the products to get that advice. As Ric suggested look at your PH. They provide this service for $1 per sample. I suggest doing a couple samples from different areas around your lawn to get a accurate reading of the entire property.

    I suggest looking at slit seeding and not overseeding. Seed has become way to expensive to risk the lower germination rate of overseeding in my opinion.

    I am going to try to send you my phone number in a private message. I am not sure if your post count will let you get a private message. If you do not have one from me post a couple more post here and I will be able to send you one eventually. Feel free to give me a buzz. Maybe I can help sort of a couple of options out for you.

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