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Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by oviedo, Mar 28, 2012.

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    Slit seeder is available for rent at the sunbelt rental at the lowes here in town. I think they rent it for roughly $77 a day. Rent it on Sat. and you get Sunday too at no additional charge they are closed on Sundays. If you can run a push mower you can operate this. Not sure what your tow behind seeder cost but I would assume you can get away with renting this for much less than what you paid considering you are going to use it how many times?
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    Thanks, I can't imagine it's too hard. The tow behind seeder was $130 or something still returnable. I'll check out sunbelt the $77 is well worth the extra effort in getting the seed to touch soil. I just think the tow behind seeder might not do too good of a job, whereas this slit seeding from all I've read looks good.
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    No worries, you caught me just figuring I'd ask a couple of questions to get the post count up before being gone all evening. Trying to learn all this at 1:00 AM on little sleep with two kids playing HS baseball, a wife just getting out of breast cancer surgery last week (double mastectomy) etc. I'll sit down and do the math over the weekend with what I have as far as tools which is just the 4-gallon backpack sprayer. From reading your stuff on some other sub-forums, it sounds like you've concocted a fertilizer cocktail.

    But yes total newbie here considering you introduced the concept to me just a couple of days ago.
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    One other thing Ric I just checked my jug it's the 73% QuickPro with the diquat I hadn't been out to the shed, it's not even compatible with chemical mowing. Strictly for killing, by my calculation, there will be no chemical mowing with this stuff.

    In any case reading back through your post outlines it just fine. The key is you need the 41% if you are going to attempt it. The other thing I saw on the label you provided was that you could in fact induce a doormant period with the chemical mowing.

    Now in my neighborhood nobody seems to have what I'd call a lush beautiful lawn. Each house on this little street is roughly an acre, and I am not seeing super fine lawns so I'll have to determine if I want to consider this utility turf or not but it doesn't seem like a little browning or striping would be the worst thing in the world if it kept us from picking the dog for an hour.
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    Looks like it's a mandatory 10-day wait +posts which should come up in 6 or so days.

    In case referencing your message here is slit seeding considered an over seeding even if it's creating a groove in the dirt or did you mean if I used a spreader without digging in? Just did some google earth checking and the property line total is about 1 acre. The other .25 is wooded and not really used as far as yard maintenance. In addition I have the house, the pool, two very large driveways including a long circular where the entire inside of the driveway is just a mulched area. So I don't have exact measurements but the portion of the yard needing seed is likely well short of an acre.
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    Pensacola never looks good after a mowing regardless how sharp you mower blades are, so if you don't mind the appearance of a lawn of fraed rope, you can go with Pensacola. I would never, and only would choose Argentine Bahia, since your on a budget and you can water yourself.
    easy-lift guy
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    unless you are saying a lot of curse words picking the seeds off your dog and clothes I would think it is not sandspur and more likely Hairy beggarticks or beggarweed. As for seeding I have seen many failed attempts and the last sucessful one I saw the guy took my advice after two failed attempts and scratched the surface with a hard rake and now has a nice argentine bahia lawn. I have also seen one I laughed at were they purchased a pallet of st augustine and threw a piece about every 30 feet and ended up with a nice lawn
  8. oviedo

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    The St. Augustine spread?

    Oh and those things are called hairy beggarticks? Annoying, as hell that's for sure. The wiser folk around here are telling me to slit seed, hopefully that helps the seeds to germinate.
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    I can't completely knock Penscola Bahia, it does have certain advantages. Especially in Pastures and No class landscapes. They nick name it POOR MAN'S GRASS for a reason.

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    +100! It's cow pasture grass ... about one notch better than dirt for home lawn usage. I'd rather have a seeded common bermuda lawn than bahia. Just my $.02.

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