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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by BufalinoLand, Aug 26, 2002.

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    Heres the scene. New housing complex put in 2 years ago. Excavators took out around 5 to 10 feet of earth to level out the place. Then they used existing earth to put a lawn in. So you can imagine that little to no grass is growing. How much topsoil would i have to lay in inorder to get a lawn to come in. and is it possible to go over existing lawn without tearing it out. thanks
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    This needs to be put in the landsapers thread.
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    you will need at least 2" of topsoil and the majority of the old vegetation should be scraped away. The formula for topsoil is

    6.4 yards for a 2" depth per 1000 sq.ft.

    I would also roll the soil after it has been spread.

    Good luck !!!

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    Soil is made up of layers of soil from the top soil (horizon 'A'), to subsoil (horizon 'B') to parent material (horizon 'C' - what your top soil and subsoil evolved from). Top soil and subsoil are your soils most capable of supporting vegatative growth and are typically only a couple of inches thick to over 30 inches. Top soil and subsoils rarely if ever are 5 to ten feet thick. What all this means to you is that your lawn was established with a thin layer of top soil, subsoil or a mixture of the two backfilled over your parent material. This will not sustain good turf because the rapid transition from a thin top soil layer to a parent material that creates a soil interface and sets up drainage problems and offers little nutrients to turf. Adding an inch or two of additional top soil is not going to significanly help your problem. Your best bet is to amend your soil to a 6 inch depth with organic matter (OM). OM will help retain moisture and hold nutrients. Plan to use 2 inches of OM tilled to a 6 inch depth. Then reseed. This would be your best choice. Second best would be to aeration the **** out of that lawn and topdress with OM. Drag the lawn after topdressing to help move the OM into the aerated soil. Good luck.


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