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Had a potential customer call me for a quote. I guess from what he told me, he spent a lot of money and time on his back yard to make it look like the pics..

Needless to say he gave up, and wants me to do it for him. I sub a grader for $200

3 men 8 hours to roll, rake, seed, an straw $1200

$300 for misc. materials total $1700

Hows the price look?

Might have to bring in top soil, but will try to grade it without first without doing that. He really doesn't have anywhere to get a big truck in for 15-20 yards at a time. Will have to bring in 7 yards at a time. The top soil thing came up since he has mulch chips everywhere for some reason mixed in with the existing soil. Is this really a problem? Can I just grade it and leaves the chips?

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what about all thosse rocks piled next to deck?
Wood chips can pose a potential problem. How thick?
Green, He doesn't want to do anything about the rocks. Just gonna leave em there.

Glan, the wood chips aren't thick at all. You can see them throughout the soil though. Looks like he had a little mulch bed somewhere and decided to try an grade them in:rolleyes:
what a mess.
have him sign a contract that is detailed as to what u are going to do and get a deposit
Bastalker, whatever you end up doing, WAIT!!! for this rain to end. you'll spend 3x your time just getting material in, spread and graded when its a giant mudhole. I also agree with the contract and deposit thing, (I'm stepping on the line here when i say...) it looks like one of my ex customers, new construction with lots of un-finished projects. The guy was in debt & had unpaid bills with every contractor that worked there. I had to get paid through his wife for 5 weeks of mowing @ $100 a pop. She said "don't tell him i paid you".

I realize thats more than likely not the case, but just gives you an idea that it does happen.
chips won't be a big problem. Just a few mushrooms.

Would spread some soil over the top.
doesn't look like a very big job at all. Power rake? for what?
I wouldn't even get the grader box out for that I don't think (could be wrong, hard to tell for sure from a pic). pulverizer make short work of leveling that out and prepping. If it's 5,000 or so I'd do it in 1/2 day, by myself (tractor) and charge $500. More if soil was needed of course.
Thanks for the replies guys. Yeah its way to wet right now to do anything!!

As far as the bobcat, the rental on the thing is $300 plus $150 delivery charge. Will get a buddy of mine that has an excavator with a blade. He can grade this place in about 45 minutes flat as a sheet of paper. He has done a few jobs for me already. I would have gote before an after pics, but didn't have a camera at the time.

Your right its not to big a job, figure we could have it done in a day, but it will look premo when we are done.

Yes I will get 50% deposit if he accepts the bid. Will do it for $1200. Let ya know how it goes:)
That price for rental is pretty steep, in my are is about $160 + 20-30 delivery and pickup, maybe that price includes the harley rake? but the delivery still high.

Good luck don't forget to take before and after pictures if you get the job, one thing that really works for me, is put lighly starter fertilizer maybe at a rate of 3 pound per ,1000 sqf, then in about 2 or 3 weeks come back and apply regular fertilizer, I like the 15-5-10 at the same rate.
a bobcat w/ a harley rake runs about $350/day here. plus insurance if you want it. i've got no idea what it costs for pickup/deliv. Bastalker, don't you have a 7x16' trailer? or is it too heavy for the trailer?
Be sure to post after pic's. I know you will do great.
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