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Discussion in 'Tractors' started by idugaholez, Mar 3, 2003.

  1. idugaholez

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    I currently do landscape installations as far as trees, shrubs, walls and patios. But I feel I am missing out on work, because I do not install lawns. I recently decided to start putting them in. I am going to be ordering a new kubota B8700hsd very soon. I cannot afford to buy a bunch of implements this year, and am wondering what i can get by with this year. So far, I was just planning on getting a box scraper. Any suggestions?
  2. morturf

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    If it were me, I would get a Scarifier before a box scraper. I think you can do a better job if it is the only thing you are getting. A box scraper would be the second thing I get. But given the cost of a scarifier you my just want the scraper.
  3. greenngrow

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    A Good Tractor one that is in the 33 to 45 HP range. Hydro is preferred.
    A power seeder or something comparable. This why you can overseed as well as establish lawns.
    A straw blower
    Tiller and box blade. Now after you get a 100 or so yards under your belt then you need a Harley power rake.
    Then you will leave the tiller and box blade at home.
  4. Countryside

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    All of these members are right on what you need. Lawn installations is what I do in the landscape company I work for. To apply the seed a drop type spreader or a brillion type (power) would be optimal. The harley power rake is an awsome thing, Although it is very expensive it does a very good job. A skid steer mount model is actually prefered because you can go both directions with rake. A box scraper is an ok device but it takes practice to get the disired results. We use a drag-mat to scarify the ground up. They work very good also for pre=finish raking. As for the tractor you can get away with a smaller one to begin with but you really should get a larger one 35-45 HP. We use a 17HP B1700, and a 46HP L4610. Both are 4wd and have loaders and york rakes. The 4610 has the york rake with both the scarafier and the grading blade. This actually works fairly well for lawn installations for rough grading. Hope this helps you a little.

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  5. W5512

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    I have learned getting the right equipment the first time around is about the only way to go. Cash flow and budget are limits but I have tried the skimp to get started routine. With the right equipment you do it right on the first jobs, do it faster so you can get more work but most important establish your reputation in the business. The reputation leads to more work.

    Lot of good financing deals out there. Low interest or no interest. Deere will allow adding scarfer and seeder to a tractor /loader finance contract. Maybe other finance companies will also. Get it right the first time if you can swing it.
  6. lx665

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    The Harley Rake is an excellent choice for doing prep work. I have one I use on a skid steer and I'm very happy with it. It will save you time and pay for it's self.

  7. rkk95

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    there is a piece of equipment made by AGI it is called a pre-seeder it makes the Harley power rake look like a childs toy, you'll need at least 40 hp.
  8. Shack

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    I like the TR3 it does eveything in one pass.
  9. paul

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    The TR3 can't windrow rocks or junk, nor can it pile all of it in one place. It's a good implement but it's not taking the world by storm. A power box rake now are being made by Landpride, Harley, and a couple of other manufactures.
  10. SWR11

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    Hey guys

    From everyone I talk to the harley is the way to go. Gotta spend a little to make some:D

    Do anyone know if you can change the drum on harley's old rake to the new carbon teeth drum.

    Does the old harley work just as well?

    Thanks again

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