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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by TNT Lawn Maintenance, Jan 28, 2010.

  1. exmark232

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    I would avoid using straw because you run into the problem with weeds that are mixed in with the straw, your grass will grow but then the weeds start to grow and you have a big mess to deal with and you will loose money on the job i would recommend using a light coating of mushroom manure
  2. hackitdown

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    I did a lawn install last spring. The customer wanted new topsoil. I warned the customer (in writing) that he would have problems with crabgrass since it was a spring lawn, and other weeds because of the new dirt. He must have called me 5 times to complain about the weeds. I had to re-send my quote with the weed warnings twice just to shut him up. Customers hear what they want to hear. He will have a nice lawn this year, since he can use weed control.

    So a word of advice...make sure (in writing)that the customer knows that he will have a weedy lawn if he does it in Spring, and lots more weeds if he wants straw. Then it is his choice, and his problem.

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    i never have this problem, i must be doing something different i guess..LOL
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    Why wouldnt you just have it hydroseeded. It will come in alot better and you dont have to screw around with straw. I install over 600,000 SQ feet of lawn every year and i never use that stuff. HYDROSEED!
  5. highclimber604

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    When you installed the lawn, ESPECIALLY in that time of year, why didnt you use a starter fertilizer with Crabgrass preventer in it. And dont say that the new top soil already had crabgrass germinating in it because a good starter with tupersan in it will prevent any kind of crabgrass growing no matter what stage its in.
  6. mike174

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    Use straw, not hay. Too many clovers w/ hay.
  7. froglawn

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    seed costs MAJOR $$$$$$$...look at your expenses first
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    I just want to comment on the use of straw. I have found a few extra weeds using it, but not enough to worry about. You have to understand, Straw is the stalks of Grain Crops. Farmers don't make much money if their Grain fields are loaded with weeds. Just as they don't make much money, if they are leaving a lot of the Grain (Seeds) on the stalks.

    I prefer the oat straw to the wheat straw. The oat straw is the dull one, Wheat straw is shiny. Never found straw mulch to be an issue, myself.

    I will say, I predict the excavation work is going to turn up a lot of dormant weed seeds. If it does not need a lot of leveling, the less you disturb the soil the better. If you can just scratch it up good with a vertical mower, and over seed that would be better.

    This is just my opinion.

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