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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by atproperty, Jan 31, 2005.

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    never done a lawn install. My company is interested in expanding its services with lawn installs. Is there anyone out there who does them that can explain the process? Is the over all grading completed upon the lawn install arrival?
    Do I bring in the top soil(I would assume)? If for some reason water collects in a particular area, am I responsible? Will a Bobcat all steer do a good job with the grader attachment? Is seed and straw becoming obsolete in comparison to hydro seeding? Would I make money off of subbing the hydro seeder to come in? Would it be expensive for me to start offering hydro seeding service?

    Oh ya, lots of questions. Gotta start somewhere!
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    Well i guess the only way to explain is to tell you what my company uses. All the houses we come to have been graded with a bulldozer and and roughly filled in along the foundation. We then come in with a Skid Steer, fill in all around the foundation and then work our way down the driveway. We usually have about four guys with landscape rakes smoothing everything out as we move along. The next piece of equipment we use is a Ford tractor with a rake on the back of it which is used to sweep across the yard picking up any limbs and rocks that it can. Next comes the Ford tractor with the Harley rake on the back of it which basically tills the soil and pushes all the rocks and debris to one side. A few guys follow it along and smooth out the small pile it leaves behind. After the entire yard has been smoothed out we survey it on last time to make sure we have all the swells going the way we want and make sure the water will flow away from the house with our lazer guide. Fertilizing is next, followed by using a hand seeder to go around the foundation and down the edges of the driveway. Our company still uses a Ford tractor with a Brillion which is just a large seeder to do the yards. Our final step is haying they yard which we use our Diesel powered hay mulcher to get it done quick. A quick blow off to the porches, walkways, and driveway and we're on our way.......
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    around here new house work is done by the builder as a sub. Those guys bring in fill dirt and topsoil and box grade it off with a regular tractor, then use a bobcat to preposition sod pallets.

    We run st augustine here so hydroseeding isn't going to help much.

    If you are talking about an existing lawn then things are different. But everyone I see doing it here has both the tractor and the bobcat.
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    what we do is use the case 70xt with its bucket to move the dirt and rough grade it then we back drag it to smooth out the hole area the we have this atachment its called a rock hound bobcat makes it it sorta like a power rake for our case that really smooths out the dirt and picks up a deb re and rocks and clods if it cant break them up. get a bobcat brochure and it usually has one in them trust me they save ALLOT of time and less man power

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