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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by HVC, May 6, 2007.

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    I would like to install a lawn irrigation system at a new residence. Can I feed my valve manifold from an outdoor water spigot? I will keep the garden hose valve by simply extending off the wall with a tee. The tee will feed the irrigation system.

    Another question is regarding back flow prevention? Does the local code dictate which device I use, an automatic siphon solenoid valve or inline check valve device? I ask this because in some pictures I see pipe coming out of the ground with automatic siphon/drain solenoid valves and other pictures I see n/c solenoid valves in the ground enclosed in a box. In the last case, where is the back flow preventer? Is it in line before the manifold?

    Last... Can I feed the system with well pump tubing in the trench or do I have to run schedule 40 pvc all the way? My concern with the well pump tubing is the hose clamp joints. Does anyone have any horror stories of hose clamps expanding/ contracting, coming apart after winter?

    This will be in Orange County, New York.

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    Messages: 50,368 ~ You can use antisyphon valves, if they'll be at least half a foot higher than any sprinkler or pipe they feed.

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