Lawn is half clover! How do I get rid of it?


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central pa
My lawn is slowing being taken over by clover and am looking for advice on how to get rid of it. Last summer I put down a granular by LESCO that got some of it but by no means got all of it. What time of year is best to get clover? What product(s) works best?

D Felix

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2,4-D will work on it. It'll make it look funny too.:D

Be careful when applying it, make sure you read and follow the label directions, yada, yada, yada....



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Plant more of it.

Make the whole yard clover. It looks great when its in bloom.

Excellent stuff...if your customer can take having a clover yard....Bees and other bugs love the stuff too.

Old Red

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When I was a youth and my dad let me help install lawns [i.e. rake stone] most lawns were seeded with a mix that included a clover, dwarf white I think. I don't know when that practice ended or if it was just a local thing.

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