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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by rinakennedy, Feb 13, 2010.

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    I bought my home in Victorville, CA back in oct. 09. It was a HUD home and was destroyed. The owners before me let the lawn in the front yard die, and left me with a wonderful view of nothing but dead grass. I got all the "straw" up, but am now trying to get the yard back to a dirt base so I can start over. Because I want the base back to dirt, I have spent many weekends on my hands and knees pulling up the roots along with that green netting that they put down under grass. The netting and roots are buried about a 1/4 in. under roots and dirt, is there a easier way of pulling that stuff up? cuz my hands/back/and shoulders can't take it any more. I have already tried a shovel both square and round with no luck. The dirt is so hard I'm having a hard time getting underneath that stupid net. Also what the hell is that used for? If it was totally buried I would just forget it but from weeding and raking parts of the net are exposed, broken, and glisten in the sun. It bothers me
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    What size yard are we talking here?
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    The netting was used to hold the sod together in production. Some companies now use a small mixture of thermal bluegrass to eliminate the green netting. As for getting it up you can used a bobcat and save yourself some time.
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    Like he said bobcat, with a rockhound on it will take no time and will be as smooth as silk after
    otherwise go rent a sod cutter, it will cut down under the netting and ten you can just pull it up

    incorporate an inch of compost before you seed, sounds like it is just dirt and not soil, you will happy you did
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    Apply two inches of compost and till 6 inches deep inches deep to get a third organic mater into the soil strata of the root zone. If you need lime to raise the pH you can incorporate it at the same time. Regrade it and compact it with a water filled roller to cinch it down and seed it.

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