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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by Green Sweep, Apr 11, 2006.

  1. Green Sweep

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    Just read the new April issue of Lawn & Landscape magazine. There is a great article on servicing sprinkler systems. A part of the article quotes Jim Lewis of Lewis Landscape Services in Oregon on pricing, servicing, etc. I have to assume that this is the same Jim Lewis that posted pics of his new service van on this forum a few weeks back. Jim stated that he offers a 5 year warranty on new installs provided that the clients allow him to start up & winterize the system during that time. I think that is brilliant & may follow suit. Customers love longer warranty's & your locking in the work for 5 years! We currently have a 1 year warranty & I think that offering 5 with that stipulation will also make our initial bids more attractive.

  2. telcomac

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    Two year warranty works for us. Keeps other hands out of your work, and builds customer confidence. Then they are ready and willing to have you maintain the system for a fee. For me five years seems a bit long to wait considering the cost involved in rolling a truck and manpower to service systems. Just my thoughts!:drinkup:
  3. NC_Irrigator

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    i issue a 2 year warranty. its not too often that i have warranty issues.

    NOW, the first WINTERIZATION is free and i begin to CHARGE for maintainance the following Spring...
  4. BSME

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    I haven't even opened the April issue yet but that's pretty cool Jim.

    I do the same deal for two years... I really don't have a problem putting a guarantee on the labor as you do the shutdown and startups since nothing ever goes wrong with a new install unless a lawn mower or plow gets a head.

    and if a valve goes bad or a rotor stops moving and it's still under the manufacturer's warranty I'll give the parts for free (i'm returning it anyway) and just charge for labor

    I wanted to do the same deal for five years but couldn't find enough parts that carry a five year warranty
  5. Dirty Water

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    I haven't gotten my april one yet.

    They usually sit in my bathroom unopened until I get bored.
  6. PurpHaze

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    OR... Until you run out of toilet paper??? :laugh:

    FEELIN' DUCKY IN PA LawnSite Member
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    can't wait until urs comes in to see that article. if it's the same lewis i've also seen his comments on here and his website is very professional.
  8. DarkLotus

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    I offered a 5 year warranty on materials and labor and lifetime warranty on the pipe if we winterize every year. If the install is near the fall, we winterize for free.... Works like a charm!!!
  9. justgeorge

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    I use Hunter products that all have 5 year warranties on them (although I never have found what the Pro-C warranty is). I-20 rotors, Institutional Spray, PGV valves, wireless rain sensor. Last year, my first in business, I offered 3 years on the whole system then 2 more years parts only. This year I've dropped it to 2 years. I do the blowouts during the warranty period (which I price into the install bid). I've closed over 50% of my bids; not bad for a new guy.
  10. Az Gardener

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    Pro C warranty is only 2 years

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