Lawn/Landscape Books.


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I had the same question so I did a Web Search for "Lawn Care". Lots of good sites to publications.


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at books a million or barnes ask for a title "how to open & operate a home based landscaping business" by owne dell published by "the globe pequot press" 1994, $15.00.... very broad & covers many topics ..... from legal to sample bids ....


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Has anyone read any of Phil Nilson's book's? I am very tempted to order a couple of them but the cheapo inside me doesn't like spending $40 or more for a book that I can't pick-up and page through first. I think I asked this question a long time ago when Phil used to post here regularly but never had any responses.


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His labor time data handbook (the first and only one I actually bought) is well worth it, the rest of em, at least the three he let me pick out for free, were a huge disappointment. One I sold, one I gave away, the third one is being used to level the leg on my desk.

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Phil has some good books. The time labor handbook I use regularly. The other books I pick up occasionally and reread to refresh my memory and see if I can pick up any new tips.



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I just rec'd a book from an auction on e-bay titled
Turfgrass management (fourth edition) A.J. Turgeon.
Its 96.00 on Amazon, I got it for 1/3rd of that.

It is the most comprehensive text on managing turf that I have seen dealing with all aspects of turf. If you want to know your product then this is for you. And no I'm not a salesman.