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    Many business owners in the lawn and landscape industry know they have to advertise in order to grow their business and attain more clients. Common sense, right?

    But let's face it, advertising and marketing in 2013 is a little different than it was in 1990. There are more options and possibilities than ever before. The days of putting a sign on your truck, passing out business cards and placing an ad in the Yellow Pages and calling it a day are over.

    In order to effectively create a marketing plan for your business, you need to do the following:

    1.) Determine what you want to achieve with your marketing - more clients, more brand awareness, penetrate a new zip code, etc...

    2.) Create a plan in writing of all the different types and methods of advertising you will be using - internet marketing, traditional marketing, branding, networking, etc.

    3.) Follow through - you have a plan so execute to the end.

    4. Track results - there really is no point in attempting different types of advertising if you do not know where your best results come from and where you have miserably failed.

    5.) Stay up to date on trends - twitter, facebook, review sites, Google Places, etc. New options pop up on a regular basis and you need to know what they are and if they make sense for your business.

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