Lawn & Landscape Business Owner Burnout

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Sean Adams, Aug 21, 2013.

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    Am in my third year of lawn mowing. Am still learning about mowing lawns believe it or not as with the changing of seasons more things come to light!
    Am planning my next year in business already, am getting a proper accountant and bringing in 3 subcontractors, taking 25%. Will provide them with ongoing part time work increasing for the right person.
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    I never viewed lawn care as a business I was going to succeed in because it wasn't my plan to. I could say I have succeeded because I didn't succeed but thats just ridiculous.

    I started in this industry around 20 years ago because I wanted to be semi retired and I didn't have any money like a normal semi retired person would have. I never wanted to have extra trucks on the road. never wanted to work full time. Call me lazy. you may be right or maybe money has never been my main interest.

    I do like profit because more profit to me means less work.

    there was a period, (2003,2004,2005 2006) when I could say i was working full time through out the summer. I slowly lost about 40% of the surplus business partly because I didn't care enough and partly because other services started offering more for less money. If your plan is to just work by yourself its hard to compete with a younger go getter so maintaining the size of my business has been a little difficult.

    I wouldn't say I am burnt out so much as that there are some things I would like to do that I can really only do during the summer. apilachin trail hike, 3 weeks in the grand canyon, yellow stone, alaska. All really need to be enjoyed during the time I have to work every week.

    so I don't mind doing lawn care and after 20 or so years I'm not burnt out any more than I was when I first started. I do my 3 days a week 36 to 40 weeks a year. Will I be happy with this long term no goals plan of mine when I am old. Who knows
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    This is exactly what I've been going through, I just have to delegate some time for me and get away to the country sit and breath. I spend too much time trying to do it all.
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    Op said:
    "Not enough money? Borrow some." :nono:

    Don't understand that philosophy. How about, Not enough money, spend less or make more

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