Lawn & Landscape Business Owners Need to Realize it's Not All About Them

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by Sean Adams, Feb 26, 2013.

  1. Sean Adams

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    To be honest, this really goes for all businesses in general, not just lawn and landscape businesses.

    Look at your advertising. Look at your website. Glance at your flyers and brochures. Take a quick look at your direct mail pieces. Even look at your facebook and twitter feeds.

    Where is the focus? Usually, it's on "us" instead of the prospect or customer. Usually, it's about how great we are and all the amazing things we can do or have done.

    Yes, there is a time and place and even a smart way to tout your accomplishments, but your advertising really isn't the best place.

    Your advertising should be about the person considering hiring you. It should be about what they want and how they will feel and what they will be able to accomplish by hiring you instead of someone else.

    "We have been serving the tri-state area for over 10 years." - So what...

    "We provide all of the services you need and want." - Says who?

    "We are the best at what we do." - Ya think, huh?

    "We are fully insured." - You should be anyway.

    "We use the best products and equipment the industry has to offer." - Doesn't everyone?

    My point is, make it about them. Focus on how you will save them time and money. Make them understand that you will do whatever it takes to make them happy and satisfied and coming back for more. Tell them how easy it is to work with you. Ensure them that you do what you do for them, not for you. Show them testimonials. Show them examples of your work. Convince them that you are their partner and they are in charge.

    People are selfish and always want to know... "What's in it for me?"

    Give them what they want and make it all about them.
  2. GMLC

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    Another good one Sean! All my door hangers/postcards use the line "Let us free up YOUR time".
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  3. Sean Adams

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    Very Nice. Make it about them and they will always come to you.

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