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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by tthomass, Jul 20, 2008.

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    I am not an avid reader of L&L Magazine and a lot of it has to do with the show boating I see of large companies and secondly, I don't usually have time I care to dedicate to the magazine. The only reason I've got it is because my truck was in an ad in it and I missed that issue so now it just comes, sits on my desk, I give it 2 minutes and in the trash.

    So, to the point. I always see like this months issue about Denison's multi million dollar company and their practices and how they're recycling this and that etc. Well, congradulations to is impressive. Do they ever just run a dang article on say companies who gross up to $2mil?

    I don't have the waste that Denison does and ad $50,000 to my bottom line from recycling. The reality is that most businesses will NEVER get anywhere close to the size of a lot of these articles that I notice.

    Its like an investment magazine saying here's how you should invest $1mil. Well thats just fine, but most of America doesn't have $1mil to invest. How about people looking to invest $50k instead.

    Again, I don't give the magazine a lot time but this is what I have noticed from the time it does get since I began receiving it about 6 issues ago.
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    Actually, most of the time the cover story is not on large companies. I would say that maybe 2x per year max they will do a story on one of the "big boys"
    I actually think that the story on Denison was really well done. You can take the principles out of the story, and while you may not save $50,000 on a line item, you may be able to save 500 or 1000.00 Multiply that by the 4 or however many different topics the story covered and you could be saving 5k a year (very conservative).
    5K may not sound like a lot, but you could put that 5k in marketing, go on a decent vacation, invest it elsewhere, etc.

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