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Lawn & Landscapers union ?


LawnSite Senior Member
Charleroi P.a
How many have thought about creating a union for the green industry? what are your veiws about this? do you think its possible?


LawnSite Silver Member
Islandia, N.Y.
Rhought about it many times. Possibilities... I don't know. :confused:

Kelly's Landscaping

LawnSite Platinum Member
Milford CT
For owners or for employees? What’s in the best interest of the union is never in the best interest of the company and seldom in the best interest of the employees either. Once they get going all they care about is self-preservation. When I was a kid and got me a job at the local grocery store it was mandatory you gave up 75 dollars and became a union member after 60 days or you no longer worked there. It was much later I realized they raised millions of dollars and spent it on democrats campaigns again how did this help me. I would rather keep my money then have if taken and spent in a manor that didn’t suit me. Then when contracts came up it was a done deal there was no real sale and the only people that got anything were the meat cutters even the full timers got little and the part times got zip. Yet it was the numbers of the last 2 groups that gave them all the power.

In the green industry it would mean min prices for workers and if you didn’t wish to be union it would mean the kind compassionate liberal union members doing everything in there power to destroy your life ruin your business and vandalize you and your customers property they cant handle rejection and you need only look at the teamsters to know if anything I was kind about their tactics. The next thing would be medical insurance for all employees then life then pensions and any other befit they can think up like ot after 8 hours on a day not 40 in a week.

Perhaps it will bring some of the giants to their knees and make them raise their prices but eventually it will filter down to the smaller landscaper companies. And if you think your safe cause you have no employees wrong they will take their new political power and ask for laws to make it near impossible to begin a company and then demand for taxes on that industry to offset the costs of all the new benefits they feel entitled to i.e. you will be expected to help foot the bill for Tru Greens employees.

Now if your talking about a union for companies i.e. price controls that would be either a monopoly or a cartel and would be instantly crushed by the government as unfair. Since it is only fair for employees to have such bargaining power and you rich landscapers should be ashamed of your self’s.

Feel free to debate this but I know I am right and I would hate to see such a movement take hold. I don’t know if anyone knows Costco but its a club perhaps its with out the T in it I forget any ways they merged in CT some shops were union others weren’t the north haven store did a million a week but was union they actually closed it rather then pay the added labor costs.


LawnSite Member
east texas
Labor unions are no more to blame for the problems in this country than crooked lawyers and politicians and crooked ceo's, insurance is a huge scam also, I mean we could go on and on with this.


LawnSite Bronze Member
As kelly said "Unions are not in the best interest of the buisness owner" Unions give the employees the trump card. It is much harder to fire people, and its harder for you to have the last say even though its your buisness, you have the possibilty of a strike which in this industry could severly damage your company. Unions arent always the best for employees either I wont go into it, I was in the union a few years back and theres a lot of things I didnt agree with.

hole in one lco

LawnSite Bronze Member
rocky river ohio
A union is there for job security, fare wages, benefits,and a healthy work place ..

I'm not one to argue but i will this time .

I paid 10.00 extra to put the union bug on my business cards out of respect to the (working stiff and yes thats us). Without unions you could work 35yr for someone and then be fired and be left with just your balls in you hand.


LawnSite Member
Wait a minute people :confused: Everyone is centering around the current union ways of running a union. Not that I am totally for it.....but if it were to be created for the business owners..by the business owners and all were to be in total harmony in what is spelled out in the base configuration. Then it just might work. It does not even have to be a "union".... There are several ways to gather many busineses together and provide the same great outcome for all.

Step back and look at the BIG PICTURE here. There is not 1 focal point group in this type of business anywhere in the USA, sure there are several small ones, but if there were to be 1 place for all to land there feet at....WOW ...just think of the potential.

Think about it..... The future is how we create the present time we are in.