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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mowerbrad, May 5, 2008.

  1. mowerbrad

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    I had originally thought about getting a truck loading leaf vac but decided not to go that route yet. I would like to buy one of those walk behind lawn vacs with the hose. I thought this would be a great way for me to get leaves in hard to reach areas and make a few fall cleanups go quicker this coming year. Does anybody use these vacs? How well do they work?
  2. nobagger

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    All I can say is you wont be disapointed if you bought a decent truck vac! I also have a Little Wonder HPV vac. and it has its purpose but all-in-all a waste of money! I also have the extension hose for it and that is, I guess the best part of it. The machine itself is bulky, heavy and under powered. If the leaves are the least bit wet you might as well rake them because this vac will clog in a heart beat! It has came in handy for smaller clean ups such as grass clippings, and smaller dry piles of debris. If I could do it again I WOULD NOT have wasted my money on it and spent it on a truck loader years ago. Now that we have a nice Billy Goat truck loader it cuts my time in half and then some! I cant speak for any other models but I'm sure their pretty close in performance.
  3. david shumaker

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    I bought a Little Wonder leaf vac. They are hard to push in grass, especially when the bag gets loaded. They have a self-propelled model now. They may be good for parking lot cleaning, but I don't use mine much for leaves anymore.
  4. LedgedaleLawn

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    We have a giant vac push vac and a tow behind leaf loader, the are both great.
  5. johnnybravo8802

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    Nobagger- I started a thread yesterday about vacs. I need something that will suck up thick leaves, with the hose attachment mainly. I also am looking for a machine to suck up shrubbery clippings. From your story, it sounds like every brand out there is a waste of money. I don't know why these manufacturer's create $2000 machines that won't do what they are suppose to do? I need something that will help me versus hinder me.:hammerhead:

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