Lawn leveling cost.

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by gulfjoe, Feb 12, 2012.

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    I wouldn't bet on that. This site has all the signs of a relatively thin layer of topsoil with a confining layer directly beneath it.
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    I will post some pics of the house across the street that is close to being landscaped.
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    Topsoil is fine, but don't add sand to clay--it gets harder yet. The clay particles fill in between the sand particles and result resembles concrete.
    What is base soil? Is this red clay country? Is it workable or is it more suited to making bricks? Slippery when wet? Does it get big cracks when dry? Acid soil?

    Roll it back; level the soil; roll it back in place. Do it before it comes out of dormancy.
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    Probably right,, try rolling back some and see how it goes.
  5. gulfjoe

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    I may have left out a very important piece of the puzzle. My neighbor sits at a higher elevation than I do leaving a hill connecting our lots. That is also the side that is "soggy" and "lumpy". This is Georgia and my soils is red clay, I am not sure if they put a top soil down before laying the sod. They are still doing construction in the neighbor hood and I haven't been able to catch them in the middle of a sod job, I either see the very beginning or the very end. I have attached some pictures of the hill and an ungraded and landscaped lot.




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  7. wrager

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    That is the right tool normally, a box blade. In GA, you're not allowed to have drainage from your property run onto your neighbors, of which you are obviously a victim. They need to do a french drain for their doen spouts.

    If you search, you will see photos of people in GA who have burried their Bermuda with sand, completely covered. It comes back. You really can't erradicate it. But you also can't do it at this time of the year. Heavy sanding needs to be done when the turf is growing vigorously like July/August.
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    I will bet $100 that no topsoil was trucked in or used...they will lay sod on unprepped soil, poor soil...
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    This guy is correct with sand timing. You will lose it all if you do it now.
    Scalp the lawn in June and top dress with river sand. The lower you scalp the easier the job.
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    Always hear this but never seen it happen...around here Bermuda is top dressed with sand. Core aeration prior to sand helps.
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