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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by rjmlakota, Apr 8, 2010.

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    I just purchased a home last year in August. I live around the Buffalo NY area. The lawn has a lot of uneven ground. Someone told me to roll the lawn. However, rolling the lawn I've heard is not good and besides the issue I have cannot be helped by rolling. I believe I will need to get dirt and plant new grass.

    So, my questions are as follows....

    1) At some points I may see up to 5-6 squirrels in the yard. Can they be contributing to the ruts, holes and uneven ground from digging?

    2) When is the best time to get dirt and plant grass?

    3) Is there a particular type of grass seed I should buy for this procedure?

    4) Are there any other suggestions other then planting grass?

    5) If I wanted a landscaping company to do the work, is there a rough dollar figure someone could provide at what it would cost? I understand it all depends on size of area. Can you provide a rough sq ft price?

    I really feel embarrassed when having friends over and they walk on the grass. It is so uncomfortable to walk on.

    Thank you in advance to anyone who has any insight.

  2. GrassIsGreenerLawnCare

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    depends on how big the area is, but another way other than topsoil, seed, and starter fertilizer is putting in sod. i used to live in MA with simialr conditions to NY and i had sod in my front yard and it did fine. I would even out the grade by putting topsoil/loam in the uneven areas and then taking it from there. You also have to look and see what the existing scenario is as far as preparation for the topsoil. if you have a nunch of dried up dead grass and it feels rough to walk on, you may need to dethatch it before you even think of putting down topsoil. If it is in bad shape i would reccomend putting down some type of compost agent to get the soil in good "growing" conditions. You can spend a good amount of money on this if you want good results. I have done seed jobs where there is a cheap homeowner that wants to get out of it as cheap as possible and skimps on neccessities. Also irrigation or a sprinkler system to keep it moist is a MUST!! hope that gives a little insight, just my opinions. good luck. PS if you are doing this really soon i would go for a cool season grass seed. Its hard to give info because there are so many factors that come into play
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    1) topsoil any low spots, compost is great to top dress
    2) fall is optimum time to seed, you can sod at anytime but sod comes in already with thick thatch and primarily Blue Grass. looks great but high percentage of Blue grass requires more maintenance as its prone to disease and a water hog.
    3) I like a combo of turf type tall fescue, perennial rye, 10% blue grass - this gives the best of all worlds, you need some blue for lateral movement.
    4) Planting grass in the fall is best long term, but make sure you get a soil test to see what the soil lacks particularly the soil PH (lime)
    5) without the top soiling (can't not determine from this info (cost - time & material)) but lawn seeding renovations generally run from $100 - $150 / 1k FT SQ

    If you have spotty smaller areas to repair, an inexpensive and easy method is using the Grass Stitcher (
  4. rjmlakota

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    from NY
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    Thanks for the replies. I'm like that lawn stitcher! My lawn does have a few dead spots and I think that item will help.

    Thanks again for all the help!

  5. GrassStitcher

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    FYI - You can buy your Grass Stitcher at any John Deere Landscapes service center, if you don't see them in the store ask them to order some.
  6. Capemay Eagle

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    I hope you mean $100-$150 per 10K SQ FT?
  7. GrassStitcher

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    Not sure what your over head is but when I was doing that work I could never afford to renovate a 10,000 ft sq lawn for $100.00, thats about the cost of the seed.

    I would need $1000 ($1500 for kill and replace) to do a thorough job (2 directions) then go back and touch up bare spots with the Stitcher.

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