Lawn looks like crap, customer won't listen

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Jason Rose, Aug 20, 2006.

  1. SodKing

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    I have seen dollar spot do this to bluegrass lawns. Thurns the tops bleach wihte and it spreads fast...

    Has a fungicide been applied?

    Get a closeup of the blade.
  2. golfguy

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    Perhaps Etiolated Tiller Syndrome? My ryegrass is loaded with it here.
  3. Jason Rose

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    ok, I finally got pics UP CLOSE of the grass blades.

    Pic 1: Close up of lawn
    Pic 2: Another close up of lawn, different spot.
    Pic 3: grass on a plate, left bunch is healthy, middle is yellow, right it fungus
    Pic 4: same set up
    Pic 5: still same, but different light, this one shows the fungus the best.

    9-4-06 001.jpg

    9-4-06 002.jpg

    9-4-06 003.jpg

    9-4-06 006.jpg

    9-4-06 004.jpg
  4. Jason Rose

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    I apologize, my camera is really BAD:cry: , and this is not one on a phone either!

    Last 3...

    Just closer of each again.

    1- Normal healthy turf
    2- yellow
    3- fungus spots on leaves.

    As you can see, this is not weeds here, the yellow and the good green are often right next to each other too.

    9-4-06 009.jpg

    9-4-06 008.jpg

    9-4-06 007.jpg
  5. Jason Rose

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    Now that is interesting. I googled that and found a really good article in a golf trade mag. Honestly it sounds like what's going on here, but this is in fescue. The yellow blades DO seem taller in a weeks growth than the healthy grass, which is odd because if it was lacking in fert. of some sort it would not grow much at all.

    I wonder if there's not some reason that the grass plant is not making chlorphyll, thus causing it to yellow? Maybe all the yellow grass I have troubles with is actually some sort of rye that has came in on it's own? Honestly, with how fine bladed some fescues are, I can't tell the difference between one or the other.

    Sorry to keep beating this dead horse here... I am *hoping* that now since it has cooled off and "fall" type weather is closer, that most of these problems are going to go away since all this cool season grass is in it's perferred temperature ranges now.
  6. precision8m

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    Have you tried a granular fungicide? At the first sign of fungus, I apply some heritage g fungicide and it takes care of it quickly. The yellowing definitely sounds like fungus and heritage takes care of just about all of them.
  7. Blade Runners

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    Thread is 7 years old :)
  8. precision8m

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    Ha! Guess rototil guy accidentally posted. I didn't even look at dates.
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  9. threepointchamp

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    You never know, they could still be having the same issues. A few of those grass blades look like it dollar spot, and a few of them look like they have leaf spot.

    I didnt realize the date of this thread until the post about it being 7 years old.

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