Lawn maintenance worker killed

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Bo Jack, Sep 18, 2003.

  1. Bo Jack

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  2. bob

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    It almost sounds like there was a seat belt on the mower. Hard to imagine that it landed perfectly on him to hold him under.
  3. proenterprises

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    Agreed Bob, that is odd.

    But if ive said it once on this site ill say it a thousand more friggin times guys.........

    JOB #1---BE SAFE!!!!!!!!!!!

    Those are the times when u get off ur azz and use a trimmer or wb instead of risking 10 mins with a rider.

    This man may have thought hes doin himself a huge favor by usin his dixie on a steep slope instead of a trimmer.....what was the cost?

    HIS LIFE.......
  4. dvmcmrhp52

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    How true.
    I do a retention pond that has an area that I could probably get with the mower,but I don't bother,because I would rather go home in the afternoon than go to the hospital or morgue.
    The whacker gives me a little exercise in that case.
  5. work_it

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    There was a guy killed here in Louisville about 4 years ago when his chopper rolled over on him. He was wearing the seat belt and couldn't get off in time. Slid down a river bank on the Ohio river at the water treatment plant. Snapped his neck and crushed almost every rib. Makes me wonder if a seat belt is worth it.
  6. pinnacle

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    Dam hearing that sort of thing is scary
  7. mowdini

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    Think about the ZTR and how that pins you into the seat. If you get in trouble on a hill, by the time you realize it, it is probably going to be too late. If you have a seat belt don't wear it because you also have the control levers pinning you into the seat and the armrests pinning you to the seat. By the time you get out of the seat it may be too late.
  8. Blessed 1

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    Seat belts are a good thing as long as you have ROPS installed:rolleyes: The way things are going eventually we will all have to have roll bars on all commercial ZTR's:angel:
  9. dmc456

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    Look at the 2004 line of ZTRs. Kabota lost a suit over killing a customer when one of theirs rolled over on him. Ever since, all their products have them. They won't even finance a used one through the company until a roll bar is installed.

    I know toro, exmark, and I think JD is doing to follow is 04.
  10. Bo Jack

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    from midwest
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