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lawn maintence software?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by mr mow, May 11, 2006.

  1. mr mow

    mr mow LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 393

    Blah Blah Blah, youve heard me tell this story before! work for a company in my area several years its big. they use clip, i still plow for them but it seems that program has alot of glitches, cause on the sheet(plow lists) they give me there will either be an extra job or a job i always do missing...call the the boss and were supposed to do it. no what i mean. good thing i checked right? anyways looking for some good lawn mowing software, pretty much glitch free or at least accountting mistakes free. i just dont trust clip(maybe its someone in the office not understanding program, but there pretty good) user friendly. so i can mow..bill..and go!
  2. GlennZ

    GlennZ LawnSite Member
    Messages: 56

    This subject has been discussed a lot here. There are many choices out there. It depends if you are planning for the future to become big or stay small. We use CLIP in our own lawn company every day to service hundreds of accounts a week plus I travel around the country and see multi-million $ companies using it every day.

    We are a nearly paperless company and have extremely accurate information at my fingers tips. I would also say that most software issues (no matter what program) are when the users enters in something wrong. Computers are stupid and only do what you tell them.

    If you just want a billing program then just use Quick Books. If you want to know how much every customer is making you and have all the schedules tracked for you then you need to get a program designed to do this. I would highly recommend CLIP.
  3. Mike's Lawn & Snow

    Mike's Lawn & Snow LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 362

    I use groundskeeper pro you can enter up to ten thousand accounts and it works awesome everything is at the click of the mouse all the information plus when billing time comes i click once and all the billsprint out
  4. grnkeepers

    grnkeepers LawnSite Member
    from midwest
    Messages: 28

    MR Mow it's QXpress for me all the way.

    I owned Clip too and experienced many of the same problems as well as heard many complaints too.

    If you are really interested in seeing what QXpress can do I implore you to give them a call and ask for an on-line demonstration. Nothing like putting them on the spot to show you what it can do. It's not a pre-made show. You actually are on the phone watching them manipulate the software on your monitor. You ask how to do this or that and then watch them as they do it. Think of all the road block problems that you feel needs to be overcome and they will show you how it is done right there and then.

    You won't regret it. I know MANY QXpress user who are happy with their decision. Worst that can happen is you don't like it and wasted an hour of your time. A pittance compared to being stuck with a program you don't like!!!
  5. grnkeepers

    grnkeepers LawnSite Member
    from midwest
    Messages: 28

    GlennZ, aren't you a major stockholder in Sensible Software, which owns Clip?

    Not a very unobjective veiwpoint for Mr. Mow so it would seem.
  6. lilweeds

    lilweeds LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 595

    Is there anything out there for mac besides just using quickbooks? I'd like to see something like qxpress for mac.
  7. grnkeepers

    grnkeepers LawnSite Member
    from midwest
    Messages: 28

    LilWeeds, I doubt you'll see anything. Mac is a VERY small world when it comes to business software.

    Have you considered buying a cheap Windows computer to run business software on and using the Mac for your graphics/cad needs?

    QX would fit your needs perfect then!
  8. lilweeds

    lilweeds LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 595

    What I considered doing is running the Mac with both operating systems. The new Macs are supposed to run windows as good as any pc, I would rather just run everything on the mac side of things though.
  9. PROCUT1

    PROCUT1 LawnSite Platinum Member
    from TN
    Messages: 4,891

    We use qexpress and love it. Its the only software that we have found a seamless integration with quickbooks.
  10. Rob Spread & Spray

    Rob Spread & Spray LawnSite Member
    Messages: 205

    Mr Mow, how did you make out? Have you looked at QX yet?

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