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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by walker-talker, Jan 4, 2005.

  1. walker-talker

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    Somthing worth checking into. I bought Lawn Monkey 2 years ago and received about 75 minutes of tech support. The following year they came out with the "Keep Me Current Plan". For this you had to pay $300 and you received another 75 minutes of tech support and any upgrades. This year I decided not to enroll in the "Keep Me Current Plan" me $300 just didn't seem worth it. Now here is the kicker......I have 148 minutes of tech support in my account....which I can't even use because I am not considered a current member of the "Keep Me Current Plan". but for $300 I can be. I called them and personally told them this in no way is customer service. I felt like lost for what I paid for. The only upgrade they had for 2004 was some sort of template designer within the program. Anyway...I told them I would do what I could to educate people about the service they have to offer....I can sleep at night now.

  2. GrassBustersLawn

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    Unfortunately, that sounds like "par for the course". I have CLIP and it is the same deal with them. They want to stick the needle in you and keep sucking blood (money) off of you! They aren't getting any more from me!

  3. davis

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    clip sucks i didnt pay and lost my tech time
  4. out4now

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    Sooner or latter someone will build an open source applicaion that does everything theirs does and the price of that type of software wil fall dramatically. So far no major players in the software industry have taken Linux very seriously and all it will take is one really good program and they will be kicking themselves over it. Microsoft said tabbed web browsing wasn't possible and didn't do it, didn't do anything about spyware and wouldn't fix any holes in their browser and since Nov. lost at least 15 million users to Firefox. Those are only the traceable downloads, that doesn't even include the ones that copied it on CD and redistributed it. Even better if you know anyone who can program in Java or C++ get them working on a good program, the two of you could make some good money off it.
  5. walker-talker

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    Yes....and that is what they said, but I am not familar with other software so I could not say much in my defense.
  6. rats5656

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    i agree with you about lawnmonkey and the keep me current plan . quick books does the same as clip does offers support time for extra money they want are money evey which way they can get it .
    it should be free updates but we have to pay and use the program all year to keep up with the industy these days if we dont keep up other company will have and edge and make the better money as i see it
  7. walker-talker

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    I didn't mind paying for the updates and feel that is the norm. I don't even mind paying for the tech support minutes, but what upset me the most is that they took away those minutes. I felt that is something I paid for and when I really needed them they were not available for the simple fact that I did not use them within one year. I try to solve all my problems using the manual and use tech support for things I cannot find on my own or issues with the program itself.
  8. dwc

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    I agree walker! We lost quite a few minutes that are worth $1.50 a minute normally because we would not pay the $300 to use them. I think it is very misleading of LawnMonkey and Alocet (parent company) to change their service after buying the program and to take away minutes just because they choose to.
    I am like you, I had no problem paying the $1.50 a minute for support because that is what I agreed to when I purchased the program. Also this came with FREE UNLIMITED email tech support which is now no good either. I know they have to make money, but I shouldnt have to pay MORE to use what I already paid for!
    Also, something else to consider, they hired some new techs to answer the phone that do not know ANYTHING about the program. I sat on the phone for 23 mintues and still did NOT get an answer to my problem.
    We have been looking into many other programs out there. They are not actual "lawn programs" but they are for the service industry and based on the same kind of platform as LM. I can tell you that we will be LEASING if we go with another program. Thats another thing about LM, we were leasing and when we purchased it, we were nothing but the poor stepchild after doing so.
    I spent a lot of time on the phone with Paul Jackson the president trying to reason with them, but they would not hear it and after seeing what others are saying about them, I am glad to know I am not the only one.

    I think if someone has support issues with LM and they are experiencing problems like this we should post it on here and help each other out.
  9. Triple L

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    what do you need tech support for, anyway
  10. dwc

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    you need tech support because when you walk into the office and fire the computer up and LawnMonkey starts throwing bananas and you can't get on it to get your work for the day to run a company. This is a very very crucial part of support. Then there are just the normal everyday questions but once you figure the program out they are not so bad.
    One key to Lawnmonkey is BACKUP BACKUP BACKUP! if something happens you can always go back to your latest backup.

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