Lawn mowed $20


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Just looking through the classifieds lawn care section of the newspaper and saw an ad Lawn Care $20. An advertising low-baller yet..... I want to call him to cut my customers 1.5 acre lot for $20. Then I wonder, why does he put " call for free estimate". I thought it was $20. What a futz!


Rick Jones

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I just saw an ad in our Pennysaver advertising $16.95 cut for most "track" style residentials.


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Here in the sunshine state I see a lot of signs and newspaper ads for lawn care for $15..mow, trim, edge and blow. A lot of these operators are illegal immigrants or people that do it for beer money. They show up with a beat up lawn tractor and some homeowner grade trimmers. They don't seem to have any affect on the amount of available work, but they do depress the prices that you can get.


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Maybe you need to educate this individual. Call him up and ask him over for an "estimate". Maybe if you've got a few other LCO buddies, they can come too. I'm not suggesting lumping this guy up by any means. Just let him know that if he were to bring his prices in line with the going rate, all of you would be better off. If he feels he needs to lo-ball to get the work, give him the PITA's you don't need.


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i had a truck go by me that had vinyl lettering on the truck that said "any size lawn $10.00" i did a double take and just drove away...

i have properties that are 4 or more acres, imagine if i called them

Sean Adams

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The sad thing is that it is possible to make money mowing small lawns, especially with a tight route, efficient employees, the proper equipment for the lawns, the right terrain, accessibility, etc....

The problem is people don't realize the thought and the process that goes into offering a solid service at an affordable price. So they advertise "Any Lawn....." and think......"I make $6.75/hr where I work now....if I mow 8 lawns in 8 hours, that's $160 for me!!!"

Oh, and I will admit, the Johnny Scubnuts title was pretty funny....for humor's sake....for the sake of the site, I'm hoping it doesn't catch on!


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This is no different than loss leader mowing on comercial accounts.
Same thing,bigger dollars.

Let it Grow

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Walla Walla, WA
Just saw an ad yesterday that said they would mow your lawn and give you an oil change while they are there...that's a new one for me!!!