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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Lawntease, Jul 28, 2004.

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    We have a horse farm and mow a bunch of fences and runways, with some turnout areas. Can`t get in these areas with a tractor.

    I did a search and really could not come up with any answers for my question.

    I have a Greatdane Chariot Senior, with 61 inch deck and Kohler 26 EFI.

    Are there blades that will do a better job of cutting tall grasses and weeds better then others? And how about wet grass conditions? I usually run the deck at 5 inches. I don`t worry about clumping just a better job of cutting then the stock blades. The deck wants to push over the woody type weeds and not cut them off unless I run over it twice. The stock blades work very well in the yard but I feel there could be something better for the tough areas. Any suggestion would be greatful.

    I really enjoy reading and have learned alot about lawn care and equipment from you professionals.

    Thank You
  2. Tonyr

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    Are the stock blades "notched" highlifts?

    (ie, there is a notch out of the blade just before the sail is lifted)

    If highlifts aren't working maybe the air flow is too much and is messing with cutting and lifting the grass, other end of the scale is low lift blades which will slash more but not discharge quite as well.

    you will get some helpful replies here soon.
  3. 42homers

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    Tall weeds are hard to cut high........with any blade, they tend to get pushed over by the deck. I would try working it down to 3-4 inches and keeping it just a little shorter.

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