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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Angelo1971, Dec 8, 2002.

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    i was wondering if any one could send me a digram of a basic ignition for a briggs and stratton 11hp motot with electric start
    the componets i have are a battery, starter soloniod,ignition switch,and a coil,
    on the tractor coil their is a wire going to ground and one goint to the spark plug,underneith the flywheel their is 2 wires comming out, i have no idea what they are for(hopefully you know)
    the tractor turns over but has no spark,and i can't figure out which wire is for what, the rest of the wire harness is a just the basic description of the routting of the wires would be great.
  2. J&R

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    You might have a kill switch bad need more info. what type of mower
  3. J&R

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    Also the 2 wires coming from under the flywheel one is the charging and one the kill wire to the coil disconnect both wires try to start and check for spark. if no spark the coil could be bad. if mower starts you will need to stop the mower by pulling the spark plug wire off the plug use ruber coated plyers
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    You would probably get much more response from the Mechanic and repair forum. Many members may not come to this forum as much.
    Have a great day and welcome to LS!
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    Either which way, never, ever put any type of voltage to the kill side of that B&S coil. Any power spike to it will pop the coil instantly. And they aren't really all that cheap. Some B&S engines will have a AC lighting circuit and a DC charging circuit built into the same alternator ie the two wires coming out from underneath the flywheel. Be careful, use an appropriate voltage meter to figure out whats coming out of the wire. The kill wire will mostlikely be a thin black wire leading from the coil to the throttle control plate where it attaches to a stud that sits in a white plastic insulator. On your key switch there should be a letter stamped into each terminal sticking out, or in the plastic on the bottom of the key switch. The terminal marked "M" for magneto is where you want to attach your kill wire. Your charging circuit is always attached to the battery side of your starter solenoid. If your B&S is newer it should have a 3-5amp unregulated DC charging circuit.
    To be sure as to what type of system your dealing with, we really need to know.
    1. Model, type, serial number ( located on the shroud)
    2. Make, Model, year of the machine
    3. Is your key switch original? or just a generic switch purchased from an aftermarket source?

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