Lawn Mower Noise Complaint

Just had my first complaint.. Not from my customer, but from their neighbor.
How do I handle this ?? The customer is a Ford dealership, so the mowing can't be done during the week as there are cars everywhere. So I go there on Sunday mornings, nice and early !!



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This dealer is closed on Sundays, but there are others here that open Sundays .. I do the mowing on Sundays as there's nobody there. The dealership is in a residential area, so the houses are right next door. The lady making the complaint has gone directly to the Ford dealership. So now I'm receiving calls from the dealer principal. Might see if she wants her nature strip done as well .. I'll charge her double !!

Richard Martin

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Greenville, NC
The first thing Sunday morning will get you shot here. Can you cut it early in the morning during the week? Have you contacted this potential customer to see if something can be worked out?