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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by sunpro21, Jun 2, 2002.

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    I live at the NJ shore. My back lawn is still growing in but
    has many areas of sand.

    I use a Murray Mulcher mower(Paper air filter) and everytime I cut the lawn, sand gets in it and it won't start up.

    What type of lawn mower is best for a sandy environment?

    is their a special filter you can buy for the Murray mower that
    allow it to work better in a sandy environment.

  2. I don't know of any filter systems for the small mowers but if it has a Briggs Stratton engine you should be able to find a foam pre-filter that will set over the paper filter. They are very inexpensive, $1-2 each. You still may have to wash it after each use but it should help extend the life of the paper filter.
    I would also tap the paper filter lightly (fin side down) to remove excess sand. (after each use if conditions are that severe.)

    You should be able to get foam pre-wraps at any mower repair shop. Just give them the filter # and or size.
    You may even find them at Home Depot or other Big box that sells mowers.
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    Like Bob said,
    a pre-filter is definetly advisable.
    Put a few drops of a light oil on the foam and knead it in your hands to cover the foam lightly but evenly before you install the filter.
    This will keep most debris out of the paperfilter while still allowing air to go through.
    I keep a jar of gasoline around in which I clean the pre-filters, rinse with soapwater and they are ready to go again after they're dry.

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