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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by LawnCutter2004, Jul 18, 2004.

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    I'm a 15 year old who lives in a town surrounded by upper middle class. In my neihborhood everyone knows me for being a very hard wokrer because all their kids sit on their butts and im wokring all the time. My question is... Ive just got 5 new people to mow for on a weekely basis. Ranging from 25-35 per house. And some of these houses are 1 acre plus. I started mowing one and it takes 2 hours on my Craftsman 18hp 42inch lawn tactor. The other peoples grass is starting to grow and ready to cut so i ahvent cut it yet. But there lawns are the same size if not bigger than the first house i did. What mower should i buy used that could get the job done in a more timely manor. ANd get a professional cut like they want? What could get me for around $1000. And will it defiantly cut better and faster than my bad tractor. Thanks
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    Not too much on the new side ( the Quick 36 Hydro is $1995 )
    shop around for a good used mower. Good luck.
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    DONT EVEN WASTE YOUR TIME....If you said some of the houses are one acre plus you need at least a 48 walk behind. Look in your classified ads, or local shops. I bought a 36 IN walkbehind 14 horse for $850 yesterday.

    You can also finance equipment. YOu would not be able to because you are 15 but if you have your ma, or pa co-sign. That way you could buy something NEW and pay it off over three years or so

  5. LawnCutter2004

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    Will i say a big improvemnt in cutting time by getting a 48in or 60 in walk behind? i currently use 42inch craftaman riding `18hp and its a pain to turn... you think its worth getting a older mower like 10 years for udner one thousand but still cuts? I wanan spend ultimatly no more than 1000. Let me know what you think
  6. LawnCutter2004

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    COMMERCIAL LAWN MOWER-48" BOB CAT, Good Running Cond., $650
    how does this classified ad sound?
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    yea it sounds good, just make sure its not beat to sh8t.
  8. LawnCutter2004

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    so you guys definatly agree that getting a walk behind will be cutting the mowing time good because of its zero tunring?
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    Where in NJ lawn cutter? I might have something for you.
  10. LawnCutter2004

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    I am in Middlesex county; ten minutes from prinction. Let me know what you have. My uncle has a pick up so yeh we could probably pick up what you have. If you want you can call me at

    Or you can email me @
    And If i buy it I could give you all cash.

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