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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by larryinalabama, Dec 19, 2016.

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    meh, I did read your post. Saying you have compassion and actually having compassion are two different things. When I have compassion for someone, I don't follow that compassion with derogatory comments about a sob story and how thick she was laying on the whoa is me attitude.....that's like having compassion for a homeless guy by giving him a couple bucks but saying he's probably a lazy piece of crap as you walk off with your friends.

    I've had people say they can't afford me and I apologize that I can't help.....i felt bad saying no, but I didn't get online and talk about how they could do it themselves and it was just a sob story. Had a single mom ask me for a quote, I was too high....she had a 17ish year old boy....and a mower in the garage. I didn't badmouth her....I don't know the situation, maybe a lazy kid....maybe a star athlete or a smart kid working after school and on weekends to make ends meet.

    I would be happy to help her out if I lived in the area. I've stopped and helped elderly people when it's unGodly hot out and their trudging along. One of the perks in owning your own business is lending a helping hand to others. Especially if she's a neighbor and your mom knows her...."I'm sorry Mrs McGillicutty, I can't help, but have you thought of having your grandkids help out...I noticed the rider and it would be much cheaper to have them do it." She probably doesn't want to bother the family with her problems...lots of old people are like this....don't want the family to worry too much about them, especially when they're on their own at that age.

    You don't have compassion if you're badmouthing the person....either go with the badmouthing and stick to your guns about them being a cheapskate or actually have compassion, badmouthing someone is actually the opposite of compassion. Heck, you can take the $20 for 4 minutes of deck scraping from the other lawn and apply it to this lawn, and you'd still be ahead.
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    I get those people all the time, but I also get the people that truly can't afford the service and aren't trying to be cheap....this post hit me the wrong way....lady just put her husband in a home, that's rough...struck me wrong that someone was talking about laying her situation on thick and giving a sob story when it was actually areal sob story....that's a far cry from having 3 BMW's and husband belongs to the country club and wants cheap lawn service.
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    You make alot of assumptions bud. Fact is this place is like a locker room for lawn mowing guys. If i came on here and said man i had to mow around this topless sunbather and she had awesome cans... would you ***** at me about being sexist?
    I did have compassion, just because i talk a little rougher than you care dont mean you need to lecture me. Have a good day.
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    Today's rant, it's raining and I have a large private property I picked up last week waiting to get cut. Not to mention ALL of my existing accounts. Saturday I was at a big Street racing event in shorts sweating my azz off now I have a fire going in the wood stove because it's 45 out and raining. Tomorrow I can either go out and start cutting grass or wait until Wednesday to start since tomorrow it's going to be in the low 40's! Heck, the 10 day shows a high of only 58! Some crazy weather.
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    Crazy neighbor of my wife’s best friend strikes again. Windy day near the river and crap is blowing everywhere. A napkin, ONE NAPKIN, blows in front of the mower and before I can do anything, whup, it’s in the blades. Like I said, windy day, the few pieces of debris were carried off. Can’t go chasing pieces of paper down the street for an hour. Get home and the neighbor has messaged wife’s friend:

    “Hey, your lawn guy just mowed over trash in your yard. Like a paper napkins or something. Shredded them to pieces. Then edged and blew them and is leaving. I kept thinking he would pick it all up but nope...

    But I wanted to let you know.

    Common courtesy is to pick up trash BEFORE mowing and not mowing over it and shredding it up.”

    This woman is certifiable! I guess I can add this to the list of getting me fined by the state, accusing me of killing her plants with Round Up, complaining about clippings in her yard, and her irrigation system mysteriously turning on the exact time and zone I’m working near. My wife’s friend is going to have to find a new guy. I can’t work like this any more with her watching every move I make and making up things I did. Next thing I know I’ll be facing some trumped up charges for trying to break and enter or sexually harassing her.
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    Repaired and seeded some big ruts in front of a duplex last friday. Renters were parking half in the yard all winter. Drove by sunday and saw a car parked right on top of one of the repair areas.

    I shared that pic w the property manager. Those bags of topsoil are expensive so i wont get to upset. The manager might lol
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    they don't know how to park in the driveways?
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    first yard this morning temps in the 30s and it starts snowing some small flurries. are you freakin' kidding me? snow in mid april in alabama? finally warmed up to 50F but freezing wind blowing all day long. gonna be in the 70s tomorrow. i've never seen such messed up weather in all my life. :dizzy:

    grass can't even grow. it gets warm and starts to grow and turn green when it's in the 70s and 80s and then the 30s at night and frost end up killing it back down. the weeds still grow though. funny how it doesn't slow the weeds down very much but it brings the grass growing to a halt.
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    Apparanetly not
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    Think we MIGHT be done with the 30s and 40s at night, BUT supposed to flood Sunday night through Wednesday. I love the rain. Just my bank account is getting low due to the winter lasting like forever. Equipment going through a break down cycle. Stupid taxes . Going to get way behind this week. May have to get a loan from weeze, Marko and larry:cry:

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