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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by larryinalabama, Dec 19, 2016.

  1. JoeCheap

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    I understand how you're feeling. I wonder that myself each year. I had one guy I gave a quote to last year for service this year. So I send out messages to everyone to see who's still in for this year. And this guy responds but the text sounds strange because the price he gives me is $5 higher than my quote to him. So it turns out his wife also has someone on the line to mow. Now he's put me "on hold". Very aggravating. He's off my list and if he decides he wants me to do it and I've filled my schedule, too bad. I'm with Weeze, seems like everyone is waiting so late. Another lco that cut in my hood moved out of state and he left them my name and number. I appreciate that. But so far I've only talked to one of these people and he had like 6 in my hood. They'll wait until the grass needs cuts to call. Seems like that happens every year.
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    oh man i've been there before. seems they always go with the person the wife found instead of the one the husband found. crazy how backwards that is. a man is the head of the household. that's how it's supposed to be. he has the final say but seems the opposite is what always happens in today's weak society controlled by females.
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    Here’s my rant for the week;

    Got an email from a long time commercial customer. They are going to allow one of the owners’ brother to bid their properties this year.

    Ok, so it doesn’t bother me that someone else is getting to bid 1 of my commercial accts. That’s just business. The issue is, the guy that’s bidding it, is kind of a hack. Losing the acct won’t hurt my feelings nor will it bother me financially. What bothers me is this guy has no biz servicing this acct. It can be an extremely dangerous situation, if you don’t know what your doing. I know this guy, he will end up hurting himself. Several dangerous slopes dropping straight into retaining ponds and drainage ditches(20’+ drops). It’s sketchy as hell even for an experienced individual.

    The last thing I want to see is someone get seriously injured. I’ve won a bunch of bids over the past few years that I know for sure he bid on as well. I’m afraid he’ll lowball this one(being related to an owner) in order to get it and then be trying to rush and cut corners to make his $ and will end up disabled or dead.
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    Yea every year is like starting all over. You really have nothing concrete. I have not heard from half my last years business. I know their weeds need cut. People die. People move. People are bombarded by low baller flyers. Family members can take over. You just never know. That can be stressful! Some don't have leaves or don't won't you to do leaves. So it has been since November. A lot can happen in that time. One year, I lost a $8500 annual account over the winter. Then a few years later, I got it back. Another year lost a $4500 when a business went under. I always plan on having to find a real job in the Spring:laugh: No way to live really:dizzy:
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    Yea but you are not his mother. I don't see why you are focusing on this. Nothing you can or should do about it. Grown man has to live and learn. You will probably get that one back one day if you lose the bid. But really it is not your problem
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    Not really focusing on it, just ranting in the rant section.
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    The first part was a rant. The second part was like you wanted to hold his hand after he out bids you. Making sure he doesnt get a boo boo. Just kidding!:laugh:
  8. JFGLN

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    I have all my accounts on auto renewal. It states that on the invoices.
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    Dang can see it now. Get to heaven and get your grass cutting auto renewal notice:laugh:
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    i've had that happen before. i was mowing a Vet office for dogs and cats. after the 1st year they said some "friend of the boss" was gonna mow it for free in exchange for vet services or something like that. hard to compete with someone that is gonna mow it for free.
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