Lawn mowing height?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by smlc451, Jul 16, 2014.

  1. smlc451

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    Why do so many people recommend mowing at heights around 1.5"-1.75"? We mow all of our lawns at 2.75" and they look a lot better than the guys mowing any shorter than that. I've looked at literature from extension services as well and they recommend the shorter mowing heights..just confused I guess.

    I am in Minnesota and our grass is all KBG/PRG/FSC
  2. Ditta&Sons

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    I ve been cutting 3.5" because its been kind of dry lately
  3. Ridin' Green

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    This far north, 3.5"- 4" is what is generally recommended and is healthier for the lawn. I've never seen nor heard anyone that knows anything about lawn care recommend cutting northern turf that short.
  4. Ditta&Sons

    Ditta&Sons LawnSite Bronze Member
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    I think 3.25 is about the lowest I go for northern grass as well, I have some homeowners ask for lower, and thats when I educate them about the benefits of cutting higher and the downfalls of mowing shorter. Its usually pretty easy to point at a neighbours lawn and say 'see his brown grass? thats because he cut it too short" or 'see his brown grass? thats because he cuts his EOW and then cuts it too short, exposing the brown part of the grass blade" "Trust me, I know what Im doing"
  5. weeze

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    i cut at 2" and i'm down south cutting southern turf. even down here if you mow 1.5" or something you really really have to water the grass regularly and take very good care of it which most people do not do.
  6. cutshortlandscaping

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    im in southern NY and i mow 3.5 the only people around here that mow lower than 3 are golf courses and they water several time thru out the day and ninght
  7. smlc451

    smlc451 LawnSite Member
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    Wow.. maybe I should bring my mower up :) Thanks, glad to hear I'm not insane.
  8. recycledsole

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    Yes I Maryland and im cutting at 3.75 right now, expect the one person with irrigation who asked me to cut it shorter- theres im doing at 3.25. most lawns are fescue here. I can see cutting it shorter in the spring when its growing like crazy. but now it needs to be taller for drought resistance. None of my lawns are brown.
  9. PenningsLandscaping

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    You should never cut northern grass below 2.75. Period, anyone that tells you otherwise is talking about golf courses or clueless
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  10. smlc451

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    I've seen it over and over on the web from reputable sources like the University of MN.. here is an example:


    Kentucky bluegrass:
    Common varieties
    (such as Aquilla, Monopoly,
    Nassau, Newport, Nugget, Park,
    Ram I, Rugby, and Sydsport)
    1.5 - 2.5 inches
    Improved Varieties
    (included in most sod;
    most varieties not listed above)
    .75 - 1.5 inches
    Fine Fescue grasses 1.5 - 3 inches
    Perennial ryegrass 1 -2 inches
    Bluegrass/fescue mixture 1.5 - 2.5 inches
    Bluegrass/ryegrass mixture 1 - 2 inches

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