Lawn mowing HIT and RUN

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by CGlisson, Jul 13, 2008.

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    Ok guys, storytime...I think you might find this amusing if you read the whole thing...

    So today I woke up earlier than normal because my push mower had a broken wheel, and I wanted to make sure I got the parts for it as soon as possible. The first dealer didn't have what I needed, which was my fear. Thankfully the second did. After I got my parts, I didn't waste a second and put it together in the parking lot. After a little tinkering it was PERFECT. All ready to mow. I got to my first lawn...trimmed everything....and proceeded to get my mower off the trailer. Everything's going great...but my gear drive system on the rear wheels is only working on the right side...weird. I decided to take off the wheel and see if I had missed something. I noticed one of the parts was missing, but I didn't have a spare so I decided to mow with it as best as I could. As I tightened the wheel up...snap. I knew right away I had broken the stepped washer...because that is exactly what I had done to break it before. Oh well I thought...these lawns gotta be mowed better get going.

    One more row left...almost done...oop there goes the wheel rolling away. I ran after the wheel, caught it, and put it down in the yard. I mowed the rest on 3 wheels.

    Then, I decided to put the mower off the side walk and off of the grass while I blew off the driveway and sidewalk.

    As I stood 2 feet away from my mower I hear a CRUNCH. Oh great, yup, I look over and some guy in his van just backed over my OTHER left wheel. I figured, wow what the heck, rough day...

    Then he proceeded to back up!!

    His window was down and I was looking at him the whole time. I said calmly, "You broke it, sir." He said back to me, "Don't leave your mower in my driveway!!" He then sped off down the street. I will admit, I thought it might be appropriate to cry at this time, and may have had tears well up a bit. I quickly regained my senses and tried to think of a Plan B for mowing the rest of the day. But wait, yes, I sold my back up mower earlier in the season.

    Yes, I am an idiot.

    The man returned about 5 minutes later as I was packing up and claimed he could not live with his conscience. I told him I was glad he had one, because I wasn't so sure before. He seemed pretty shocked I shot down his "good deed" of the day by coming back, but he did agree to give me $10 towards a new wheel.

    Anyone else experience a lawn mowing hit and run?
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    the other day i put the ramp down to get the mowers off and noticed that there was a garage sale down the road so i thought i might want to lock up the trimmers just in case someone says "oh look clearence on trimmers on rack 1" so went up to the cab of the truck to get the lock and i see this mexican lady in one of those massive old dodge conversion vans not paying a bit of attention to the road but to the garage sale signs run smack over two of my cones and go about half way up my ramp before going off the side of it and of course she sped off, i called the police and gave them the license plate number and they told me it came back to a 1996 chevy lumina sooo yeah.... lets just say i wasnt too happy, i still wonder if she even knows she hit anything i mean that could have been me standing at the ramp or even backing off a mower right then scared me sh!tless
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    HAHA! I'm glad you weren't hurt. You got me beat in the story department I think....I can only imagine the sound it made when she dismounted off your ramp...
  4. Hawg City Lawns

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    yeah kinda sounded like metal on metal and compression of rusty shocks haha

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