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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Lawnut101, Apr 26, 2007.

  1. Lawnut101

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    I'm starting out a business,or well, at least finally expanding it. I'm 17 and I'm wondering what the going rate is for lawn mowing in Wisconsin. My parents think that my minimum of $30 per mow is crazy! I use commercial equipment and I think that I do a good job cutting lawns. I'm I right or not? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks Brant.
  2. charmill26

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    you need to figure out your expenses and how much profit you wish to get. my minimum is 25-30 depending on where its at unless its in my neighborhood and its a small lawn. if its a nice neighborhood 30 doesn't sound bad as long as you do good work
  3. buddhaman

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    I'm in north central WI. I get around $30 a lawn. Any higher and I won't have any work at all. Quoted a lady $60 for 2 acres with a ton of obstacles and she about fainted. People don't want to pay anything here. Added that we are a town of about 8000 with a bunch of lowballers. About 5 legit LCO's here and about 10-15 that do it on the side for cash.
  4. snowbrdr360

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    Im right down the road from you in the Cedarburg area:waving: . My lowest property is $38 for about an acre. What I have found is that it is really going too vary city to city around here. How big are the properties and are they residential or commercial?
  5. T'S lawncare

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    I'm mowing Waukesha, south from west bend. I charge 35 bucks for a city lot here.....people aren't too picky about prices...which is good. I wouldn't go below 30 for a minimum charge, for your area.
  6. POPO4995

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    Alot of my residential lawns are $20-$30. And thats 2 people getting it mowed, trimmed, edged, blown, and gone in 10-15 min.
  7. Lawnut101

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    All of the properties are residential. West Bend is tuff, becuase a lot of the middle of the city is all old people (won't pay more than 15 per cut) and then there are nicer subdivisions where the people don't care what they pay. I've heard that Cedarburg is a really good place to work. All the rich people live there. I have my costs figured out, but my parents just think I'm crazy. Any more input? thanks!
  8. The mayor

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    I think you are a bit off. I have plenty older customers that pay a honest price for lawn care. On the other hand some of the rich customers are price shoppers. I really don't do any advertising I let my work do the talking. Give it time, if you stay with it you will make it.
  9. S&M Lawn Care

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    I'm also 17 and i'm running a lawn care company just south of Green Bay. The town i live in only has a population of 2800. So i dont do a whole lot of advertising right in my town. I charge $30 minimum. There is no reason to charge less than that. You have a business to run. After you become legit that price will become even more important. Good job and keep at it. I started when i was 16, and i now have 19 accounts(hopefully 20 by tomorrow)..
  10. Nathan Robinson

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    Cant have high profit margins when you unload a trailer for less than $30.00. I would stick to what you are doing...

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