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    Hey everyone!

    I really need some input on this! We have 20 customers in Indiana whose yards are approx. 5,000 sq. ft. We charge anywhere from $25-$30 for these lawns. However, we are going to market to larger neighborhoods this year. I am in an estimating dilemma. Obviously, for a 10,000 sq. ft. yard, the price shouldn't double. What should be my pricing formula be? I really need input. Any help will be very much appreciated!
  2. LawnsM

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    Some more specifics. I think we are on the low end for lawn mowing prcing in our area. Secondly, a 5,000 sq. ft. yard takes one of our men 15 minutes. A 15,000 sq. ft. lawn takes 25-30 minutes for one man. Thanks guys! :weightlifter:
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    Isn't an acre approximately 46,000 Square feet ?? If so, I can't imagine a yard the size of 5,000 SF !!
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    i used to have some zero-lot-lines that i cut, from the time i got the edger off the trailer to the time i hung the blower was about 12 minutes. i can't remember if those were $20 a shot or $25. that was with the 36" metro also...

    i've had some properties that the tax assessor has listed at .02 acres.
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    I'd say that we probably maintain about 75 or so properties that are under 5000 sq.ft. of turf. Our minimum is $35.00 per visit to mow, edge, trim, & blow. We do bag the majority of our properties & do haul away the debris. Yes, leaf removal is additional.
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    1 dollar per thou sq ft and a 20 dollar stop charge. example 10,000 tho square ft would be 10.00 dollars plus 20 dollar stop for a grand total of 30.00 plus 6% state sales tax 31.80 a cut. Make your stop charge for your area it maybe 15.00 or 30.00 whatever your area can handle.
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    I base my prices on an hourly estimate 60 hr for me 100 hr me and a helper You have a find and hourly rate you are comfortable with
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    a 5000 sq ft yard is 100ft long 50ft wide with a house and garage lawn and landscape and the house may be about 1800 sq ft
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    The neighborhoods we cut grass in are real "cookie cutter" type lawns. The homes are close together. The total lot size is 7-6,000 sq. ft. The lawn (without the house) is that size as well. I'll cut grass in any neighborhood if they'll pay me! :laugh:

    THanks for all the input guys. ANYONE ELSE CARE TO SHARE?
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    Just curious... How much would you guys charge for an acre?

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