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Have any of you guys every heard of the term "Lawn Nazi". Well if not, you have now. This person is actually a neighbor of mine. I have lived in my home about a year now and he has gone through at least 4 lawn companies. I just started my lawn business and thought I would give this person a try since he is my neighbor. Well, my mistake. After he explained to me what he wanted me to do (cleanup, cut, trim, edge), I did just this. The grass is Bermuda and it was really tall. I cut it 1/3 of the height and finished the job. He then tells me that he wants me to cut it shorter free of charge. To say the least, I refused. It just seems this person cannot be pleased. How do you guys deal with such a customer?

Bill Davis

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Tell him politiely no thanks next time he asks you to do something. For future reference never do work for people in your neighborhood. Bad mistake on your part.


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I have only worked twice in my was really good, one was a PITA. I guess that it depends on the neighborhood whether you get some good ones or some bad ones.

There is a radio station up here that calls their LCO the lawn nazi or the snow plow nazi.

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I'd say he's more of a PITA

The Lawn Nazi is the county guy who runs around telling people to cut their lawn or over grown empty lots


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Hershey, Pa
I think picky people are not worth my time in this business. There are plenty of better customers out there waiting to pay me more money :p

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