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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by CWRSNY, Jun 8, 2006.


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    what would you recomment for a customer who has nearly 30% clover and is looking to get the most professional looking lawn possible.. IE.. nice dark grass with little to no clover????
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    i have the same problem w/ new lawn that i just got. told the customer it needs soil test, sprayed, aerified, topdressed and reseeded this fall. or i could spray out the clover and be looking at dead patches all year. he said lets do it in the fall. hope this helps.

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    Thanks, I find that customers aren't always that commited to paying for it all, However they always want that perfect lawn though..
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    You might, in addition, spray for the clover sometime around August and remember: NEVER apply a weed killer within less than 30 days of seed application - Weed killer interferes with seed germination so these applications must be spaced at least 30 days apart. So then you kill the weeds in late summer, and do that thing in the fall, and you should be straight.

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