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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Grnt324, Apr 7, 2020.

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    Located in Oklahoma. Bermuda lawn. I had a customer call and say he wanted to start getting weed control back in october of 2019. At that time he was over ran with crabgrass. Very small amount of bermuda coming through the canopy of the crabgrass. At that time I only sprayed prodiamine at a 21 oz/acre rate. Came back in February with the 16oz/ acre rate of prodiamine, .25oz/acre rate of msm and 1.25oz/per 1k rate of Triplet SF. On both of those days I sprayed that same mix on more than 10 other yards. I went out today and spread some fertilizer. This yard has literally no green anywhere. The rest of my lawns, including all that I spray with the same mix on the same day are greening up. The weather has been all over the place with us having a 89° day back to back then 2 days later it was 31°. Im obviously going to see what happens with the higher consistent temps and fertilizer but what would cause it to be so far behind or even dead compared to the other lawns.
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    If I remember correctly msm can cause a delay in greenup. I'm in Memphis TN and our bermuda is just beginning to start to come out of dormancy. We won't see full green up for another 2 to 3 weeks. It's those nightime lows you've got to look at. We've also had some highs in the low 80s but our night temps are still pretty low on the upper 50s side of things.
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    I do know it can cause delayed greenup but all the other lawns sprayed with the same rate are greening up. Nothing js fully green and maybe it will come around. Im wondering if the grass was just in horrible shape and not overall in good health.

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    You said it was mostly crabgrass--do you mean he was expecting the crabgrass to come back and green up?
    Sounds like there was not much Bermuda. And not high-quality stuff.
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    Some years its just running late, I've seen it with bermuda, even my home lawn of 419 and common and I do soil tests every year at home. Yes the MSM can delay it, but I see that more on some hybrids.

    Its been scalped down? Maybe it just needs a good year of fert care to strengthen up.
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    Not sure about the health of the lawn but the temperatures have been all over the place here and a week of clouds

    My wild guess is the soil temp is a little low

    Heres a link if you haven't seen this before
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    Same mix, different results:
    Every yard is different just as every person is different.

    You said the lawn was in horrible shape when you started. Herbicides aren't magic juice, they suppress non-desirable plants, they don't perform over winter miracles. Is this common or hybrid Bermuda? From what I see (I don't have much Bermuda) hybrid greens up sooner than common. Is this lawn shaded to some degree? Realize shade comes mostly from 3 directions; east, west AND south. People tend not to think about being shaded on the south side.

    My 2 cents worth. And worth every penny
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  8. OP

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    Im thinking there was little bermuda and its wasnt real healthy. He thought the crabgrass was bermuda.
  9. AnotherOkie

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    You might check the soil PH. I had some issues with 3 or 4 several years ago. They very low ph, like 5.1-5.3. Couple apps of lime made a big difference.
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    So if the lawn is mostly weeds
    And you kill the weeds
    It’s going to be brown

    Ground temp
    Every lawn doesn’t have the same temp
    Your Bermuda needs a higher ground temp than it’s likely on the lawn right now.

    other lawns might be getting more direct sun

    Many variables
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