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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by dproft, Aug 3, 2004.

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    I need some help. My wife and I are looking at redoing our lawn. Currently, we have our lawn in shambles, due to construction of a garage. WE have access to a bobcat and were thinking of just spreading new topsoil over our "just about dead" lawn. We tried a few different fertilizers with minimal results. Our cement contractor said we may not want to keep our old topsoil - VERY sandy. Will spreading new topsoil over old be sufficient? Do I need to remove old sod first? PLEASE help, I believe in doing things right the first time and don't want to do this again if I don't have to. THANKS
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    Till under the grass, add top soil, then do a soil test to determine what you may need to add to the soil. Addmend the soil (compost, starter fertilizer,etc..whatever is needed)and till it under about 3-6". Do a finish grade, then plant your seed in the next FEW WEEKS and cover/rake over the seed with about 1/8" of soil. Keep moist and you will have a complete new yard in about 2 months.
    Aerate the heck out of your exsisting lawn, add a fall fertilzer and overseed.

    Was your yard nice before the construction? If so , all the heavy equipment has caused soil compaction and this is detrimental to the grass roots. I would try the easier,less expensive way first. Aerator rental is about $50 and assuming you live in an average neighborhood sized lawn, seed and fertilzer less than $100. Worst case scenario: you will have to do my first suggestion in the SPRING, and your only out $50 and a half day of work.
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    I do have access to a free bobcat to use. Would it be easier to scrape off the old weeds.....I mean lawn. The lawn was mediocre at best before construction began. I tilled up the soil where the concrete slab went. It took FOREVER!!!......about 12 hours to do a 30x40 section.

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