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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by Idonthaveaname, Jul 20, 2009.

  1. Idonthaveaname

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    I was looking up lawn painting services that use colorant to green up lawns. I was wondering if anyone knew what they use exactly and where they get it for wholesale?
  2. sunray

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    a customer of mine had his centipede lawn painted and killed most of it.
    He tried to blame me and I told him it was his choice his lawn and I had no say in the painting.
    The guy that was doing the painting had a big write up in the paper and how great it was.
    After the murder of the lawn he was nowhere to be found.
    My be there were more victims and he closed shop while the getting was good.
    I believe painting sports fields may be great ,but that's a different grass.
    Just my thoughts.
  3. White Gardens

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    It's just turf paint. You can get it from most local pesticide/hebicide/fert reps such as Lesco.
  4. LushGreenLawn

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    Turf paint does not harm grass. Mabye the guy made a mistake and sprayed it mixed with an herbicide.
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  5. Think Green

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    Need a name,
    The turf colorants are called "Green Lawnger" and I believe the names are changing all the time. We used to color dormant grass for the Christmas Holiday Season.
    This product is a toxin free elastic Latex material and has to be diluted with warm water in the winter. Hard as heck to clean out of the sprayers. The color lasts until it is mowed off after either 3-4 mowing or scalping the grass. There may be some other products will work better than what we had privey to in the past.

    Turfpaint can hurt warm-season turf!!!!!!
    It is sold in aerasol cans for spot spraying brown spots and not the whole lawn!! LOL!
    This latex material will kill green turfgrass is left on for long periods of time.

    Why not sell chelated irons and sulfur liquid fertilizers. The results will take about a week to show results, but will provide longer results.
  6. hummingbird3d

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    I bought Green Lawnger to use on my lawn when I was expecting guests who were to stay for a week. My lawn for some reason had been turning brown and I was desperate to get it nice looking so I gave into what a sales person was trying to sell to me for quite a while now. I'm happy to say that this product made my lawn look as though it was part of an NFL field. My family was surprised with the great looking results and the color has even held up to a dog wash right after the color dried. I was so happy with this product that I surprised a customer with a similarly bad lawn by "painting" half his lawn with the product. I was once leary of the kind of results it claims to give, but this thing is very good and I plan to include it as one of my services for those who have a bad looking lawn.

    Applying the product is done basically like you are spray painting a canvas. Get a good sprayer or you'll spend too much time applying this for it to be profitable.
  7. chrisby316

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    wouldnt you make more by fixing the lawn permanently?

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