lawn pre-m that i was going to seed

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by ant, Mar 19, 2003.

  1. ant

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    picked up a client that moved in to there home 1/03. i spoke to them and i planed to seed there front lawn soon.(2500 sf dead)

    they called me and informed me that a lawn care company (one of the big 3) applied crabgrass control /fert. while she was at work.

    she looked at the invoice and it was addressed to the old owner.

    now i planed on seeding them....what would do?

    here in n.j. the dep will not let us applicate year to year with out informing the client about the program before the program starts!

    i told the client to call them and demanded them that you wont the lawn sodded.

  2. MOW ED

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    I know you aren't gonna seed it now, that would be a waste of time and money. I would inform the homeowner of the problem and then schedule the reseed for later in the year perferrably in the fall.
    If you can get the scumbags to pay for a sodding job that you install that would be even better.
  3. chech out activated charcoal!!! real messy

    SOIL TEST, correst soil chemistry, proper prep, quality seed, tupersan, educate client on care,and expectations on spring seeding!
  4. Ric

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    Till up the yard and the Pre-m will no longer stop seeds from dieing right after germination. By breaking the vapor barrier the Pre-m is no longer active. However as it leaches though to soil it can cause some chemical root pruning. Therefore to be extra safe apply horticulture Gypsum to clean exchange sites. Follow up in about a week with a good starter fertilizer. I am not sure who your big three are but will bet a dime to a dollar they won't re-sod the lawn. One of my big competitors would, the rest won't.
  5. BRL

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    What that company did is strictly forbidden by the laws here. I have seen that the big companies don't comply with our notification laws here from some clients I've had over the years. They are totally surprised when I hand them the paper work and tell them I can't start apps until they sign on the dotted line. When I ask them about past service providers they say they never got that type of information. I guess the big companies don't get inspected. That was about the most important thing that my inspector checked when I was inspected. Ditto Ric's comments.
  6. ant

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    thanks for your replies...

    BRL hit it on the head...thats the point i am trying to make...
    this client i feel is screwed and got screwed...this application should not have been put down...! and i feel that the lawn care company should give this client a lawn ...they should never have applied that application...

    notification in n.j is the law.
    along with a non automatic renewal pesticide program w/o the clients consent...

  7. Ric

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    If the customer can get the Big Boy to put down sod don't take care of it unless they take the same steps listed above. Keep your mouth shut and let them sod and re-sod again and again until the pre-m is gone. However if they have a real professional do the job, he will rake and grade the property first and that will help the Pre-m go away. If they get a slammy to do the job and he just throws sod then get ready. The sod will not root right and as soon as the dry season comes you can wave bye bye to most of the sod.

    I don't know NJ laws but it sounds like it is time for the big boys to get a fine. However in most cases the G M CYAs and the hose jockey gets the Ax.
  8. lordohturf

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    ant :

    Activated charcoal is now available in a liquid form and can be
    added to a sprayer in water. Muck less messy than the old granuar type. At the correct rates, the charcoal
    absorbs the pre-m, nutralizing it, and allowing you to seed.

    This works best the sooner after treatment as possible.

    This is also a good thing to have in the shop in case you or one
    of your techs has a spill!

    Charzorb- available at Lesco.
  9. I used activated charcoal in liquid form @ 8 years ago, and as I remember it still was messy.
  10. HBFOXJr

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    I've been working on updating my processes to fit the new NJ DEP rules adopted in late 2001. I've read about notification and waivers, etc. Please tell me the where it says you have to have a new contract every year. I have not seen that.

    I have customers sign the contract initially. Then notify them they are on our list to do, offer them a pre pay option if not already pre paying, send a list of products to be used with all other related info and a place to sign and return if they want to request advance notification of applications.

    I just just don't see where the DEP is telling us we need a new contract every year or writen authorization every year.

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