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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by cutter3, Feb 4, 2002.

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    I am trying to attract new buisness when you pass flyers out or news paper adds you are trying to attracted the customer so you sometimes can't charge top dollar if you want them to really consider you what would you say would be a minimum charge in this case .
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    I have always felt that putting a low price in an advertisement was a sure way to attract the kind of customers that try to take advantage and price shop. If you want to show that you do not overcharge how about a phrase like "competative rates". Stay away from phrases like "we will mow any lawn for $19.99....especially if you are old and want to watch me and follow me around the yard and point out every stinkin little blade of weed that didn't get cut because you are too cheap to buy a chemical program and......and.....and."
    The wounds are deep from taking on one of those types once. ONCE. :D

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    the area you live in plays a huge part in this I'm willing to bet in Norman Okla. ,much like where I live ,Price is the top factor ,we don't have the luxury of hundreds of thousands of customers to choose from ,People ,even proffesional people don't make the big bucks like they do in some parts of the country . The average semi skilled factory job around here starts at 7.50 an hour . As long as you live in Norman and I live in east texas we can neither expect to get rich cutting grass and price will determine how many clients you have , I'm sure many on here would disagree with this ,but nevertheless it remains the same, Any of us that has been doing this for a few years are probably real close in skill level .Lets face it ,It does not take a lot of brains to do the actual labor part of this ,but what it does take is good salesmanship ,patience and the ability to take rejection time after time after time....
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    Everyone has a min. so put it in there. Mine is twenty and most on L.S. say it is to cheap. I know this but most people still won't pay it. Whatever your min. is make sure you make enough to live and stay in biz. If people still think you are too high. Tell them you are legit and only net one third (or whatever). Shoot to make a min. of 35$ an hour. Two small lawns=35. One bigger lawn=35. and so on. I average two lawns an hour over the week. If you can't do 35 minimum hourly you best work at 7/11. Take homes the same.

    Sounds like I live in an economy about like yours. All who live here make squat, excepy for the apple barons. Unfortunetly my business expenses are the same as those in better paying areas. :(
  5. 65hoss

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    Before you can really know what your minimum is, you must know your cost of doing business. Without this info you are just shooting in the dark.
  6. big james

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    if you can't do 25 to 30 bucks an hour ,you are wasting your time . it cost you as much to operate as anybody else anywhere except for what you may pay for fuel .Plumbers and electricians get 50 bucks a call all day long and it cost you more to operate .and remember if you are not making enough money to replace the machinery that you are steadily wearing out,and make a living to then you are going in the hole .Ihave learned this the hard way in the trucking bizz., where the initial investment is a whole lot more than a ZTR! Istarted cutting grass in 1987 and quit in 1991and the only thing that has changed is the mowers are a lot better ,price per cut has not changed much if any . Owner Operaters in Trucking are hauling freight tonite for the same rates they got in the 70's and look how much more fuel costs now compared to then! and look at what a new Big Truck costs now .100grand for a halfway decent one .it's all about volume nowadays more miles or more yards it's all the same .:(

    just another day ...just another hard dollar.
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    I feel a minimum is based on your operation and your operation only. My company minimum may be different than of that of a solo-worker in Oklahoma for instant. For us, our bare minimum is $30.00 for a residential lawn. Most $30.00 cuts take about 20 mins at 2 men, anything over 20-25 mins and the price starts going up. I feel with 2 men we need to get about $90.00-$100.00/hr or about 3 houses per hour in the same area.
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    First off, do you have a measuring wheel and do you do time studies? The way that I found out what my minimum charge was to take my most consistant lawn time wise and measure out the square fottage. Example. It takes me 18 minutes to mow a 6000 sq. ft. lawn with a 52" Proline Toro (that includes trimming and edging, all by mayself. This lawn was also my most consistant time wise). That equates out to 333.33 sq. ft. per minute. So 6000 divided by 333.33=18 min. If you take an hour and divide it into tenths, a tenth will equal six minutes. So now convert that 18 minutes into tenths. 18 minutes = .3hrs. Multiply .3hrs and your hourly rate (in my case, $40.00/hr), and you have your minimum rate ($12.00). If you work with man hours, adjust it accordingly.

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    No need to care about wages in an area or cost of living. Maybe lawn care is not a viable service to offer in a given region if the disposable income isn't there.

    Just take a look at the retail operations that exist in an area. If the big boys aren't there there must be a reason.

    Don't price work at a level just to make it affordable for everyone. A person's ability to afford goods and services has nothing to do with your costs of doing business and the profit you need to make.
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    HBFOXJR - needs new screen name


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