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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by tractrpowr45, Mar 24, 2007.

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    Hi I have a question on pricing a lawn. I have a potential customer that called today, I went to look at the lawn; it's about 1/2 acre in size, has a creek running at an angle through the back yard, and has alot of trees and landscape beds to trim around (in front yard and back), plus the bank of the creek to trim. This is my first year mowing(my second year landscaping) and I need some help with pricing. I would like to charge $55 to $60 per cut - I'm thinking it will take me around 40-45 mins to cut. Does the amount of time and price sound right? Since this is my first year, I will probably be buying a
    48" walkbehind to start up with(trying to get some accounts before I buy it) and I will have a helper to do the trimming. I don't want to lowball or work my butt off all summer for free but I don't want to be overpriced either. Any help would be appreciated. By the way, I live in Western NY:walking:
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    I would think you should get at least $60, however depending on your cost to run your business it will vary...but without seeing it my company would guess around $60
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    To Much $. I Don't Think Anybody Is Going To Pay $60.00 For A 40 Min Cut, Not From A New Guy,nothing Personnel Bro, But I'm In Ma. So The Market ($) Must Be Relative. One Figure Seems Off, Either The 1/2 Acre Or The 40mins Of Complete Work Time. Go Like This, Charge By The Min. 40 Mins Of Work,-$40. - 30mins To Cut A House $30.00 And So On And So On. For A One Man Band Like Your Self This Is A Good System. -- Good Luck
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    First of all, there's no reason your customers should know that this is your first year mowing. Talk like you know what you're doing, and they will assume that you do.

    Second, a dollar a minute isn't BAD, but it only really works if you're a solo. If you've got a helper, it doesn't work. And you always need a minimum. I'm solo, but I've got some lawns that I can do in under 15 minutes, and you can bet I'm not charging $15 for them! With a helper, I could get finished even faster, but that doesn't mean I need to drop my price.

    Plus, if it starts out taking 40-45 minutes, once you get to know the property you'll probably be able to cut it within 30 minutes. Doesn't mean you should drop the price because you're done faster.

    All that said, I would probably charge $50-60 for the property, assuming your description is accurate. More if the customer was picky. Less if I liked them a lot. And I'm in middle TN, so I'm not sure how the pricing compares to your area.
  5. Precision Lawns

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    Oh, and there's absolutely no way you should tell the customer up front how long you think it's going to take you to mow. Don't tell them it's a 40-minute cut. That's a good way for them to tell you how much you should make.

    Besides, the best way to look at it is that they're not paying for YOUR time, they're paying for THEIR time back. They're paying you so they don't have to spend the 3-4 hours it would take them out of their day (put on their lawn-mowing clothes, get all their equipment out, mow and trim the entire property, take a shower). So if you charge $60, I like to present it like this: "Wouldn't you pay $20/hour to have those three hours of your day back?" Doesn't matter that it takes you only 40 minutes.
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    Depending on where this property is it could be anywhere from 35 to 55 per cut first you have to know what it will cost you to cut it. Then what the market will bare. And then what your comfort level for profit margin is.

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