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lawn pricing


LawnSite Member
bergen count, nj
How do i charge for lawns like is that a speical formula or what ever, and how do charge for smalll side things like trimming shrubs and planting plants and taking thing out and stuff. Thanks Brett

paul vroom

LawnSite Senior Member
Marlborough, Ma
What I do is charge by the hour. Deside what you want to get paid per hour, check the job and figure out how long it will take. If you want $50 an hour and it take an hour.......45 mins=37.5 But set a minimum if you get a small lawn that take 15 min then dont charge 12.5. Around here the average price for trimming shrubs or bushes is $75 an hour. Plantings is a good money maker, charge them your hourly rate plus the markup on plantings. Good Luck Brett.